Departmental Functions

  • Connectivity / accessibility particularly to the remote and isolated areas improved, benefiting rural population economically, socially etc.
  • Minimizing vehicles operation costs but also reducing the import bills significantly in respect of import of POL, spare parts etc.
  • Mitigating the suffering of the masses through provision of all weather communication facility.
  • Previously roads were prone to damages due to floods, however through construction of large number of major bridges, culverts and other road structures uninterrupted flow of traffic is made possible even during peak floods.
  • Traveling times have been curtailed due to improved roads facility having a positive impact on the over-all living of the masses.
  • Agriculture, trade, exploration of natural resources, education, health care facilities, farming expanded rather flourished due to improved net work of roads.
  • The roads which are constructed keeping in view the design parameters like provision of designed horizontal & vertical curves, super-elevation and safe stopping / passing sight distances the number of road accidents reduced which in turn has reduced the causalities and fatalities.