Human Rights Wing

  • Directorate of Literacy & Non-Formal Education has been established in 1991. It is working under the administrative control ofSocial Welfare


  • Promote and protect human rights;
  • to review the protection provided by or under any performance for the welfare of human rights;
  • to review the factors or difficulties that slow down the human rights;
  • To visit police stations, prisons and jails, women and juvenile refuge centers, hospitals, factories and other Institutions and places to report to the competent authorities for necessary action against violation of human rights
  • To coordinate with public and private sector and institutions to promote human rights
  • To gather information, facts and reports on complaints and allegations of human rights’violations
  • submitting of reports to administrative office, recommendation, proposal or any matter concerning the promotion and protection of human rights;
  • prepare reports on the national situation with regard to human rights in general, and on more specific matters;
  • Assist in the formulation of programmes for human rights and take part in their execution in society.
  • publicize human rights and efforts to combat all forms of discrimination by increasing public awareness, especially through information and education and by making use of all press organs;
  • Harmonization of laws, legislation and practices with the international human rights covenants and agreements
  • Exercise such other functions as it may consider to be beneficial to the promotion and protection of human rights.
  • To carry out an enquiry as to whether a case where a person who believes that he has been unjustly convicted should not be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

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