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Competitive Advantage of Balochistan
  • Availability of Raw Material
  • Coastal Belt and Development of Gwadar Port DeepSee Port
  • Access to Central Asian Countries, Gulf States & other neighbouring countries
  • Hardworking Labour
  • Industrial Zones having all the basic Infrastructure
  • Flexible Government Policies

Priority Sectors for Investment in Balochistan

Invest in Exploration Of Minerals Of Economic Significance 39 minerals are being exploited and efforts are underway for further discoveries.

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Main areas of investment are:

  • Fruit Processing Plants
  • Apple Treatment Plants
  • Date Processing Plants
  • Tomato Paste Manufacturing
  • Fried/ Dried Onion Plants
  • Cut-flower Business & Floriculture
  • Plantation of Palm Trees and Processing
  • Cool Chains

Date Processing Plant
  • In 1996-97 only, 60,905 tonnes of dates worth US $25 million were exported
  • The share of dried dates in this amount being 70%
  • 11% of the production was exported in 1997

Area in Hectares
  • Apple is an important crop in Balochistan in terms of the people employed, the value of the output, and the revenue it generates.
  • The apple export of Pakistan during the last five years is only on the average: 2,960 tonnes per year constituting just 0.5% of its total production.
  • Main Reason for low export volume is the absence of a treatment plants required to treat and pack the fruit according to the International Market Requirements.

Oil Palms Cultivation And Subsequent Processing
  • Pakistan imported 1.2 metric tonnes of palm oil annually and it was being increased by 16%, annually.
  • Pakistan is totally dependent on imports to cover its demand of palm oil.
  • Low cost import substitution product.
  • Any potential investment company can provide semi-refined form of palm oil to the local market through an oil expeller unit.

Cool Chains
  • To develop Farm-to-Market Infrastructure
  • To promote the exports of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • To Attain the maximum value for the produce of Balochistan

There is a need to expose the fish industry of Balochistan to the improved methods in fish handling/preservation for an end product that is in demand world-wide to enhance exports. The total catch in the year 2001-2002 was 654,500 m. tonnes. The total value was Rs. 5.90 billion. While the total catch in Balochistan in the year 2001-2002 was 118,033 m. tonnes.Fish hatcheries at the coastal area is another viable project because of the availability of favourable conditions.

  • Shrimp farming is the production of marine shrimp in ponds and tanks with the use of natural and commercial feed.
  • Cultured or farmed marine shrimp play an important role in supplying the world's shrimp demand. There are 30 species of marine shrimp in Pakistan waters.

  • Layer Farming.
  • Eggs being supplied to Quetta from Karachi.
  • Climate supporting such an industry.
  • Goat/Sheep Farming
  • Currently goat/sheep are being exported to Middle Eastern countries
  • Cattle Fattening Farm – Dairy
  • Cattle/Poultry Feed
  • Cattle coming into Balochistan from neighbouring provinces
  • Export potential to Iran and the Middle East
  • Goat/Sheep related processing industry
  • Sheep Casing’s processing
  • Revival of Harnai Woollen Mills through privatisation

Apply, If You Want To Get A Mineral Title
  • ReconnaissanceLicence (RL)
  • Exploration Licence (EL)
  • Mineral Deposit Retention Licence (MDRL)
  • Mining Lease (ML)

Reconnaissance License
To enable mining companies to reconnoitre large areas in a short span of time using modern techniques of satellite imagery, aerial photographs, aeromagnetic and regional geochemical surveys, an RL will be granted over an area of 100 to 10,000 sq. km. in respect of a mineral or group of minerals. Unless stipulated otherwise, the licence will be non-exclusive for a period of 12 months and will not be renewable. However, the licensee will have the right to an exploration licence over 10% of the area held under an RL provided the criteria for the grant for such a licence and other requirements of the law are met. The Licensing Authority will take a decision the application for an RL within 120 days from the date of filing of complete application.

The application fee for an RL will be Rs. 15,000. The licensee will be obliged to carry out an approved work programme and comply with other conditions of the RL.

Exploration Licence
An Exploration licence will be granted over an area not exceeding 1,000 sq. km. for a period not exceeding three years where the applicant meets the specified criteria. The application must provide adequate information about the applicant, description and a sketch map of the area, work programme and expenditure to be undertaken and technical and financial resources available to the applicant.

Application fee for EL will be Rs. 25,000 and fee for each renewal will be Rs. 50,000. In addition, rent of the land over which the licence is granted will have to be paid. The rent will increase progressively each year.

Mineral Deposit Retention licence (MDRL)
On completion of full feasibility study, if the holder of an El can demonstrate the deposit, though potentially viable, can not be commercially developed, due to depressed metal/mineral prices utilizing proven technology or with financing on commercial terms which are reflective of current market conditions for other mining projects., he may, within 180 days before the expiry of the EL, apply for a Mineral Deposit Retention Licence. The application must be accompanied with full justification and data and the prescribed fee. The applicant for an MDRL will have to demonstrate the exploration operation had progressed as far as practicable and that the applicant is able and willing to comply with the conditions of the MDRL and has complied with the terms and conditions of the EL.

The application fee for an MDRL or its renewal will be Rs. 100,000 each and the licensee shall, in respect of the MDRL area, pay in advance, for each year, the rent applicable for the responding period of the EL.

Mining Lease
The holder of an EL or an MDRL may apply for a mining lease for over an area subject to a maximum of 250 Sq. Km. within his EL or MDRL in respect of the mineral/minerals discovered. The application shall be accompanied by detailed information including technical and financial resources available for development of the mine, work programme for development and operation of the mine, production schedule, financing plan, environmental protection plans, proposals for procurement and use of local goods and services, training of nationals and the prescribed application fee. The application will be considered, in accordance with specified criteria, within 120 days after receipt of application or receipt of any additional information requested. The licence will remain valid while the application is under consideration.
The application fee for an ML or its renewal will be Rs. 100,000 each and the land rent will be Rs. 3,000 per sq. kilometre/year to be paid in advance each year.

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