About Department

  • The Communication and Works Department has the sole purview, as per Government of Balochistan Rules of Business 1976, to construct and maintain the Roads and Government Buildings.
  • For this purpose the Communication and Works Department has been provided with necessary set up to carry out the assigned duties / functions.
  • Over the years, from its creation, the Communication and Works Department has gained and developed necessary expertise, required by the assigned jobs and the department expanded to a considerable extent as an institute, where development of expertise is the focal point, with on job training for fresh arrival.
  • The Communication and Works Department is effectively implementing the construction works of all the Government Departments.
  • The system is functional, more effective and more efficient as in the Communication and Works Department, where guidance and supervision from the senior engineers and expertise in the field exists and a set up for testing construction material and work, both in the field and in the laboratory to ensure quality work production, and above all technical and support staff right from Divisional Level and down to Tehsil Level is available.

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