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  • Social Welfare, Special Education, Non-formal, Literacy and Human Rights Department, Balochistan. Social Welfare, Special Education and Human Rights Department, Balochistan was established in 1962 with aims at providing better Social Environment by helping the neglected, handicapped and socially disadvantaged people.
  • This aim is achieved through use of techniques and methods, which are designed to enable individuals, groups and communities to solve their problems and felt needs through cooperative actions relying on their own resources..


A socially and economically empowered society in Balochistan where the socially disadvantaged in particular, have access to an equitable social welfare system, and their wellbeing is protected through effective and citizen-centered service delivery.


  • An inclusive environment where all people are able to participate in the social and economic life of their communities.
  • Enhancement of status of women to promote women rights, and show active participation at all levels on the basics of equity with men and to serve as an agent in the society.
  • Optimal development of persons with disabilities for the realization of their full potential in all walks of life, especially in the areas of Health, Education, Social, Economic and Vocational needs, for the fulfillment of the present as well as future requirement.al areas

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