About Department

Currently Secretary / MBR-II is working as the Head of the Department where as Directorate is Headed by the Director General of Excise and Taxation Department. The Excise and Taxation Officer (ETO) is the In-charge of the district dealing with property tax assessment, motor vehicles registration, exercising powers of prohibition officer and also works for eradication of excise crimes. This Department has collected revenue improving from Rs. 344 Million in 2002 to Rs. 850 Million in the previous financial year ( i.e. 2009-2010) owning various measures adopted by the Department with full support of the present Government.


Enhance Government’s Revenue / Recoveries by shifting to new tax culture, minimizing discretionary powers, ensuring accuracy in tax collection, mobilizing existing resources, exploring new tax potentials and expanding tax base. Develop and adopt systems and procedures that provide maximum facilities to the tax payers.


Act like a bridge between Government and Tax Payers. Become an information exchange hub for the agencies and departments like Police, Customs, Manufacturers of Vehicles, Auctioneers and Planning & Development Departments. Become proactive, fully equipped, , extremely responsive, automated / online, one widow operated Department providing maximum facilities to tax payers utilizing best available technologies, methods and procedures.

Latest News


  • Collection of Provincial Excise
  • Revenue under different enactments
  • Detection of Excise Crimes.

Sub Sections

  • Motor Vehicles  Section
  • Property Tax Section 
  • Vend and Narcotics Control Section
  • Entertainment and Other Taxes