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  • Government Presses are exists through out the country and working in different manners. In the set up of the general administration the Federation or its units, the Government presses play a key role being charged with the responsibility of necessary inputs of printing facilities to Government Departments, Judiciary, Legislative assembly and Local Government.


The Government Printing and Stationery Department Balochistan Quetta is a serving Department and executing the work of printing and supply of universal and standard forms / registers used in Government Departments, Judiciary, Legislative Assembly and Local Government Publishing / Printing Government Gazette, Ordinances, Acts, Rules and Regulations, Circulars, Pamphlets, Assembly debates / Proceedings, Annual and supplementary voluminous Budget, PSDP of P&D Department , District Gazetteer, reports of Enquiry Tribunals / Committees, Departmental reports, statistical reports on various issues and other confidential / secret printing jobs.

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