About Department

Balochistan Development Authority (B.D.A) was established in 1974 under Balochistan Act No. X of 1974, and works under the administrative control of Planning & Development Department Government of Balochistan. The following duties are assigned under the Act:
  • to Promote Economic and Industrial Development in Balochistan.
  • Preparation and execution of comprehensive development programs including projects and schemes relating to land and water development, power agriculture, industry, minerals exploration and development including establishment of minerals based industries and other industries andGovernment may direct along-with other duties to be assigned by the Government from time to time.
  • The B.D.A. can sponsor companies with the approval of Government.
  • The B.D.A. can participate in joint ventures with private sector.
  • The B.D.A. can raise funds to carryout its functions by issuing Bonds and Debentures
  • The B.D.A. can also borrow foreign currency from IBRD, Asian Bank or any other source under the above Act.

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