About Department

  • Women Development Department was bifurcated from Social Welfare in 2009 and a full fledge Women Development Department with Directorate was established in 2011. 
  • Three SBBWC and Shelter Homes have been established at divisional level i.e Sibi, Khuzdar and Quetta.


  • Economic, Social and political empowerment of Women of Balochistan.
  • To protect women from evil practices like honor killing , vani, acid throwing etc.
  • The ensure equal participation of women of Balochistan in jobs, access to resources, right in decision making.
  • To promulgate/ execute pro women legislation in the province and also formulate the pro-women laws, policies and strategies for the empowerment of women.
  • The department is playing a significant role to promote gender equality and elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.
  • To provide 24 hours free legal and medical aid and shelter to victims of violence affected women.
  • To ensure the implementation of international treaty / Law signed by Government of Pakistan like SEDAW, Beijing+, MDGs, SDGs (related to women content).

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