Balochistan has huge potential to produce energy through alternative sources: CM

Jam Kamal Khan calls on Chinese investors to make profitable investment in various sectors


The Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan has stated that the Balochistan province has huge potential to produce energy through alternate sources. The 1320 megawatt electricity project in Gadani is an important progress to meet the energy requirements of the country.

He called on the Chinese investors to make profitable investment in the fisheries, agriculture, minerals and other sectors of the province. The economic zones would be established in Lasbela to facilitate the investors, maintained the Chief Minister while addressing the inaugural ceremony of the 1320 megawatt power plant in Gadani on Monday. The Prime Minister, Imran Khan was the chief guest at the ceremony. While also present in the ceremony were the federal ministers, parliamentarians, Chinese ambassador to Pakistan besides other personalities.

The Chief Minister maintained that the project of the China Power Hub Generation company is included in the priority projects of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and as such it has the status of flagship project in the CPEC, which would play an effective role in meeting the country’s increasing requirements of the energy.

He on the occasion regretfully mentioned that only two projects of the province were included in the CPEC’s priority list of projects, one of which is being inaugurated now.

Unfortunately Balochistan could not get that attention in start of the CPEC, which otherwise was required and it deserved.

However, we are confident that Prime Minister would play his wholehearted part in overcoming that shortcoming just because it is included in his priority list, adding he hoped.

The Chief Minister said that the vision of Prime Minister for economic stability of the country as well as his policies and initiatives are not veiled, and he has put it on the path of economic development and stability.

He was optimistic that the country would come out of the prevailing crises following the decisions being made and policies being evolved by the Prime Minister in coming few years.

He said that the Balochistan province has important role to play in the country’s economy and we are determined to mobilize its resources for development of the country. Particularly the solar other alternative means could be utilized for meeting the energy requirements of the country, he said.

He also hoped that the province is going to be hub of the economic activities  and investment in near future.

The province would attract investment of billions of rupees, adding he believed.

The Chief Minister on the occasion highlighted the steps being taken for development of various sectors in the province.

He said that the government has allocated Rs. 1220 million for the projects of producing electricity through the alternative means and Rs. 4226 million for the electrification of villages in the current financial year budget of the province.

Moreover, we have also initiated the projects of shifting the tube wells and street lights on the solar energy, he maintained.