CM Directs to Concerned Authorities to Fully Alert to Tackle Growing Cyclone


The Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has directed to the concerned authorities to remain prepared to tackle any emergent situation following the expected impacts of the Kyarr Cyclone in coastal areas of the province.

According to an official hand out issued on Monday, the Chief Minister said that the effects of the cyclone in the Arabic sea can also reach the coasts of Balochistan after Oman.

Therefore, the concerned institutions should monitor the situation emerging following the cyclone in the coastal areas, adding he directed further.

He also stressed that the people of coastal areas should also be careful in view of the cyclone.

Needless to mention here is that effects of the Kyarr cyclone can be seen in the coastal areas of Pasni, Ormara, Sur Bandan, Pishkan and other parts of Gwadar where high tides are approaching the coast.

The fishermen of the Makran division especially Gwadar district have already been asked to avoid fishing in the deep sea water at least during this week.

The fishermen of these areas have also removed their boats from the coast to the safer places.