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For empowerment of women to uplift their socio-economic status and for food security, a small training Centre for imparting training in the farming skills to womenfolk of Quetta and Ziarat districts was created in the Balochistan Agriculture Department under the aegis of funds provided by the Ministry of Women Development, Government of Pakistan in the year 1988-89. The activities of this scheme were confined in the two districts. After completing the development phase the scheme has been shifted to non-development side in 1990-91. Through another project sponsored by the Women Division, the scheme was strengthened by providing only additional staff.


The knowledge about skills relating to food preparation & Value addition is important to accelerate economic growth, reducing income inequality and increasing valuable resources, and value-addition to these resources is key to creating employment and wealth. The involvement of womenfolk is tremendous with a view to enabling them to achieve a degree of improvement in the condition of their life
Ms Duree Samee
The Agriculture extension women Division services for rural women help to reduce food loses, increase production of vegetables and economical plants, add more value to products, lead to more income generate to sale the Agriculture products help in economic empowerment of the women.
Ms Shazia Kurd
Deputy Director


Food Processing

Value Addition

Kitchen Gardening

Mushroom Cultivation

Case Studies
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Crop Management

Plugs into every aspect of the crop lifecycle: Vital data on plots, crop growth, weather conditions, climate change, pest detection, disease treatment… all tracked in real time.


Transmission of modern crop technology and agricultural techniques.

Ascertaining the problem of growers relating to crop production and conveying them to the Research Wing for attention.

Transmission of modern crop technology and agricultural techniques.

Demonstrating new varieties and techniques by laying out demonstrations plots.

Multiplying foundation seed from the nucleus seed for further distribution to progressive-to-progressive growers through the Punjab Seed Corporation.

Transmission of modern crop technology and agricultural techniques.

Propagation of pedigree nursery plants of fruits at Government nurseries for distribution to growers

Assisting Crop Reporting Services (CRS) in conducting surveys, collection of data, and Helping farmers in taking remedial measures against pest attacks.

Our Promises

Transfer Latest Techniques

Women Economically Empowerment

Food Security



Ms. Duree seeme


Ms. Shazia Kurd

Deputy Diretctor

Ms. Naeema

Lady Instructor

Ms. Nida Nazar

Lady Instructor

Ms. Ayesha Rehman

Agriculture Officer

Ms. Abida Rehman

Agriculture Officer

Mrs. Zara Anjum

Lady Field Inspector

Mrs. Abida Waheed

Lady Field Inspector