About Department/Introduction

The Communication, Works, Physical Planning & Housing Department covers the entire Balochistan Provence for the construction of Provincial Roads and Public Building works.

Abdul Rehman Khetran

Abdul Rehman Khetran


Office  Number:-081-9202374
Email:- [email protected]


Communication Works Physical Planning & Housing Department has an important critical role in economic development in providing access and building public infrastructures in far flange areas of the Province.

Ali Akbar Baloch

Ali Akbar Baloch


Office   Number:-081-9202374
Email:- [email protected]


Communication Works Physical & Housing dep is committed to deliver quality sustainable infrastructure, development, targets, assigned with professional zeal in public interest.



Details of Attached departments with complete address and contact details.

Chief Engineers Quetta Zone C&W Complex, Jaffar khan Jamali Road, Quetta 081-9202395
Chief Engineer Sibi Zone C&W Complex, Jaffar khan Jamali Road, Quetta 081-9201680
Chief Engineer Khuzdar Zone C&W Complex, Jaffar khan Jamali Road, Quetta 081-9203011
Name of Officer Contact No. Fax
Secretary 081-9202372 6700 9202662
P.S to Secretary 081-9202374 6721  
Additional Secretary 081-9202511 6711  
Deputy Secretary(Admn-I) 081-9203512 6531  
Deputy Secretary(Admn_II) 081-9202851    
Deputy Secretary(Budget) 081-9202741    
Deputy Secretary Coord 081-9203193    
Deputy Secretary (Tech:) 081-9202300 6716  
Technical Advisor 081-9201694 6719  
Section Officer(Admn-I) 081-9201578 6707  
Section Officer (General) 081-9203692 6717  
Section Officer(Budget-I) 081-9203692    
Section Officer(Budget-II) 081-9202106