The Fisheries Sector of Balochistan Province comprises of two broad classifications according to their discrete Bio–eco system which govern their living conditions. These domains are:-

Minister Name

Minister Name



Fisheries & Coastal Development Department is devoted to marine/freshwater conservation and ecosystem. Since its founding, the department has achieved hundreds of concrete policy victories for protection of marine life and freshwater habitats. As part of its campaigns, the department is involved in efforts to end illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing in territorial waters of Balochistan. The organization also works to improve the management of existing marine protected areas (MPAs) and develop effective, long-term conservation strategies to protect and restore key habitats. On a regional level, it is a trusted conservation leader, empowering local communities to manage marine resources sustainably. The organization has the onus of master planning of the longest coastline of the nation, and has remained involved in various key projects towards sustainable development of Balochistan coastline. While remaining within the natural limits for protection of the marine and environment through development of ecotourism and preserving natural and geographical features of the coastline



To conserve the oceanic resources in Coastal belt and fresh water eco-systems of Balochistan by building local and national capacities and to build leadership in conservation of Fisheries resources through education and community engagement



To regulate Fisheries activities in Balochistan in the light of Fisheries Laws and to facilitate local fishermen and investors to exploit aquatic resources in sustainable limits.

Departmental Functions

  • To develop a monitoring, surveillance and conservation system (MSC).
  • Involve Private Sector in Fisheries aquaculture activities and attract private entrepreneurs in production, post harvesting, processing, transportation and marketing.
  • To start exports of Fish and Fisheries products from Gwadar export zone in Balochistan.
  • Arrange and Support literacy, vocational trainings and other educational programs for the fishermen and their families at each Fishing Stations.
  • Increase coordination and cooperation among multiple users for coastal resources (Land, Water, and Forest).
  • Promote environmental conservation and adopt measures to prevent damage to aquatic biodiversity by pollution and environmental degradation.
  • Try to establish special fisheries courts and magistrates to deal with fishing related offences.
  • Improve communication linkages with coastal areas and establish Tsunami and cyclone warning and prevention centers in coastal Villages / Towns of Balochistan.
  • Establish a fisheries training center at Gwadar and Dera Murad Jamali on Fisheries and aquaculture disciplines).
  • Raise awareness among fishermen and fish farmers about Conservation and sustainable management principles.
  • Establish fish disease diagnostic laboratories and servicesat Gwadar/Pasni.
  • Plan for conversion of waste land (Saline, Water-Logged) for aquaculture activities in canal irrigated areas of Balochistan (Nasirabad and Jafarabad & Jhal Magsi District).
  • Facilitate the lease of land for fish/shrimp farming under land lease policy along the Balochistan coast.
  • Establish environmental friendly demonstration pilot scale shrimp farming activities along the coast.
  • Control illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in coastal and offshore waters.
  • Implement a seasonal ban on Fish catch & shrimp catch in coastal belt during the breeding months of May, June and July.
  • Conduct resource surveys and species stock assessments in marine waters.
  • Establish artificial reefs along Balochistan coast.
  • Establish protected areas and marine parks along the coast.
  • Extend sea search and rescue facilities to all fishing boats along the Balochistan coast.
  • Restock fresh water bodies with seeds/fingerling of commercially important carp species.
  • Build landing facilities along Balochistan coast.
  • Improve existing harbor facilities, including regular dredging and expansion.
  • Assist in installation of onboard flake ice units and refrigeration systems involved in longer fishing operations.
  • Improve hygienic conditions in all fish markets.
S SNO. Official Address Contact
1. Directorate General Fisheries Balochistan Cooperative Society Building Sariab Road Quetta 081-9211773
2. Directorate Inland Fisheries Abro Colony near Pat Feeder Canal at Dera Murad Jamali 0838-751173
3. Directorate Marine Fisheries Civic Centre Hub 0853-363737
4. Directorate Marine Fisheries Gwadar at Surbandar 0864-410002


  • Training on post-harvest losses of marine catch.
  • Awareness regarding sustainable Fisheries.
  • Training on Fish and Shrimp Farming.
  • Training on Catch Culture in both Marine and Inland Sector.
  • To conduct the internship programe regarding in Fisheries & Aquaculture activities to the all public Universities of Balochistan.
  • To conduct on good aquaculture & Fisheries practices.


New Schemes PSDP 2021-22

S# PSDP # Project Name

Estimated Cost

(In Million)

1. 1167 Auction Hall / Model Business to Consumer Fish Processing/Sale/Auction & Allied Facilities. 155.00
2. 1168 Provision of Mobile Quality control Laboratory for Soil/Water Analysis & Disease Identification. 150.00
3. 1169 Establishment of Model fish Farm in District Lasbela and Naseerabad. 50.00
4. 1170 Procurement of durable goods to Enhance the Capacity of Existing functional Fish Hatchery at D.M Jamali and Absor Turbat. 52.00
5. 1171 Lifeguard Facility Establishment in Major Fishing /Tourist Sites. 150.00
6. 1172 Artificial Reefs along Coastline of Balochistan 20.00
7. 1173 Up gradation/Provision of 25HP Engine to Registered Fishermen. 1000.00
8. 1176 Construction of 03-Nos Fishermen Shades at Various Areas of Tehsil Jewani District Gwadar. 5.70

Ongoing Schemes

S# Project Name Executing Agency

Estimated Cost

(In Million)

Exp: June, 2022

Physical Progress

 (In %)

1. Development of Fisheries Training Center at Gwadar C&W Department 361.154 152.758 42.29
2. Construction of 08 Boat Repairing Workshops at Coastal Belt District of Balochistan. C&W Department 247.149 138.97 56.22
3. Establishment of Fish Hatchery at Hub Dam. C&W Department 68.435 37.00 54
4. Construction of Fishermen Community Centre at surbandar District Gwadar. C&W Department 20.00 10.00 50
5. Model Fish Market District Gwadar. C&W Department 50.00 18.75 37.50


Completed Schemes

S# Project Name Executing Agency

Estimated Cost

(In Million)


Physical Progress

 (In %)

1. Provision of Missing Facilities at Various Fish Hatcheries in Balochistan. Fisheries Department 50.00 50.00 Completed
2. Introduction of Artificial Reefs alongwith Balochistan Coast at Jewani. Fisheries Department 49.439 49.439 Completed
3. Establishment of Model Fish Farms at District Jaffarabad & Sohbat Pur. Fisheries Department 25.481 25.481 Completed
4. Establishment of Trout Raceways at Shahban (District Harnai) Ziarat and Harboi (District Kalat). Fisheries Department 22.140 22.140 Completed
5. Establishment of Model Fish Farm in various District of Balochistan Province Zhob, Ziarat, Harnai, Bolan, Kalat & Quetta Fisheries Department 16.05 16.05 Completed
6. Establishment of Full-Fledged Directorate General of Fisheries at Uthal C&W Department 100.00 100.00 Completed


  • Up to 12 (N) Mile Zone 1 (Provincial limit)
  • Up to 20 (N) Mile Zone 2 (Federal)
  • Up to 200 (N) Mile Zone 3 (Federal/ EEZ, being extended up to 350 N. Miles under UNCLOS.)


Year Fishing  Villages (Nos) Fishermen (Nos) Fishing Boats (Nos)





Processing Units (Nos) Fish Meal Factories (Nos) Ice Factories (Nos)
2021 40 72,329 9,645 104,712.306 21,990,761,665 34 22 36






S.No Name of Officer Designation Place of Posting Phone No.
1 Mr. Tariq-ur-Rehman Director General Fisheries Quetta 081-9211773
2 Syed Zahoor Ali Shah Director (Planning) Fisheries Quetta 081-9211587
3 Mr. Abdul Hameed Director (Marine) Fisheries Hub 0853-363737
4 Mr. Abdul Hameed Director (Marine) Fisheries Gwadar 0864-410002
5 Mr. Ahmed Nadeem Director (Inland) Fisheries D.M Jamali 0838-751173