Mr Eng. Zamrak Khan Achakzai

Mr Eng. Zamrak Khan Achakzai


The Government of Balochistan recognizes the importance of food safety throughout the food supply chain. A positive food safety culture has been introduced and development through establishment of BFA which is committed to take all necessary steps and precautions, and exercising due diligence to protect and preserve the human food chain in the province. I hope that this organization will ensure availability of healthy and hygienic food to the consumers.



Secretary Food

The importance of food safety and public health is undeniable. Food safety in the food chain is one of the key areas of focus in public health, because it affects people of every age, race,gender, and income level around the world. Unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, or chemical substances causes numerous diseases-ranging from diarrhea to cancers. Foodborne diseases contribute to premature mortality and low life expectancy specially child mortality and morbidity in Balochistan. Foodborne diseases can only be controlled through following SOPs and guidelines which are globally acknowledged.Islam, the religion of the majority of the country, has termed cleanliness as half of the faith. In Islam those who indulge in any kind of adulteration are exclude from the pale of Islam.Similarly the laws of the land prohibits manufacture and sale of unsafe food. Unfortunately many people in Pakistan have been involved in manufacturing and sale of unsafe food in utter disregard of provisions of the law and the religion



To ensure Food safety and quality control of food items across the Province.



While working on scientific principles and international best practices, Balochistan Food Authority aims to ensure food safety & quality in the entire food chain from production to consumption.



Balochistan food authority aims to ensure food safety and quality in the entire food chain and
to Arrange awareness and capacity building program with regard to food safety and standards

Departmental Functions

  • Procure Foodgrain stocks allocated bye the Federal Government and arrange its further distribution to various distribution Centers according to demand
  • Procure Foodgrain stocks within own resources from the province and arrange its further distribution to various PR Centers according to demand, and Streamline the local procurement of wheat. By opening temporary wheat purchase centers during the procurement seasons in Nasiarabad Region.
  • Maintenance of three month′s reserves to ensure smooth and steady supply of wheat/atta and to eliminate possibilities of artificial shortage and breaksown in supplies.
  • Streamline the procedure of releases of wheat, fix monthly quota of each consuming area according to the demand with reference to availability of wheat particularly in the open market.
  • Deal with service matters other than those within the purview of administrative Department and sub-ordinate offices.
  • To draw plans for the construction of storage, accommodation and maintenance Government Department and Storage godown.
  • To deal with other matter concerning storage of stocks such as purchase of stock articles, gunny bag, tarpaulins, weighing scales, fumigants to preserve the stock stored in the godown and also arrange private storage accommodation as and when required.
  • Keeping and compilation of accounts on provincial level and reconcile State Trading accounts and running accounts of foodgrain at the end of each year.
  • To arrange cash credit facilities for commodity operation with the commercial Banks.
  • To maintain statistical data in regard to subject dealt with by the Food Directorate.
  • To arrange cash credit facilities for commodity operation with the Commercial Banks.
  • To implement the Government policy with regard to milling and quality control on atta produced by the Flour Mills and other grinding plants drawing Government wheat.
  • In addition to the above, the Food Directorate has to arrange payment of the services of handling and transportation of foodgrain through out the province after award of contracts on annual basis.
  • To compile accounts rendered by all the provincial reserve centers in the province and also that of procurement centers opened during the financial year for procurement of local wheat.

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2. Balochistan Food Authority

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