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About Department

  • The Department comes under the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife and is headed by a Provincial Secretary Forest and Wildlife. The Forests & Wildlife Department has history of over a century, initially established under the British Colonial Rule. Later on, the department was working under West Pakistan Forest Service and ultimately separated in 1970s as a Provincial Department.


Conservation and Development of natural living resources on sustainable use basis through stakeholders’ participation to ensure healthy environment and continue supply of goods and services for the benefit of people.

Line organization

Under the Ministry of Forest & Wildlife


CCF: Chief Conservator of Forests
CF: Conservator of Forests
DCF: Deputy Conservator of Forests
EDO: Executive District Officer, Forest & Wildlife
RFO: Range Forest Officer
ADO: Assistant District Officer, Forest & Wildlife
DR: Deputy Ranger
FR: Forester
FG: Forest Guard
GW: Game Watcher
FW: Field Watcher

Provincial setup

District Setup


S.No. Designation Name Office Ph Mob Number
Conservators Office Telephone
1. Conservator of Forests, Khuzdar Division Mr. Muhammad Amin 0848-412776 0333-9276925
2. Conservator of Forests, Nasirabad Division Mr. Kaleemullah 0833-560280 03003843137
3. Conservator of Forests, Turbat Division Mr. Abdul Waheed 08524135564 03337869232
4. Conservator of Forests, Loralai Division Mr. Zulfiqar 0824-410036 0344-8218778
5. Conservator of Forests, Sibi, Division Mr. Zhid Rind 0833-500210 0301-6389513
6. Conservator of Forests, Civil Division Quetta Mr. Nasir Shah 2442376 03003818417


S. No. Office Office Number Address
1 Adviser to Chief Minister Balochistan on Forest and Wildlife Department, Quetta 081-9201231 Office at 3rd Floor, Block XI, Civil Secretariat, Quetta
2 Secretary, Forests & Wildlife Department 081-9202275 Office at 1st Floor, Block IV, Civil Secretariat, Quetta
3 Additional Secretary, Forests & Wildlife Department 081-9202166 Office at 1st Floor, Block IV, Civil Secretariat, Quetta
4 Chief Conservator of Forests, North-Balochistan 081-9201137 Office at Spinny Road, Quetta
5 Chief Conservator of Forests, South-Balochistan 081-9203744 Office at Joint Road, Quetta
6 Director Soil Conservation 0307-3848732 Office at  Spinny Road, Quetta
7 Conservator Wildlife Quetta 081-2440227 Office opposite tp Balochistan University, Sabzal Road, Quetta
8 Conservator of Forests, Planning, Quetta 081-9203779 Office at Spinny Road, Quetta
9 Conservator of Forests, Research, Quetta 081-9201955 Office at Spinny Road, Quetta
10 Deputy Conservator of Forests Admin, (North) Quetta. 081-9202264 Office at Spinny Road, Quetta
11 Deputy Conservator of Forests Admin, (South) Quetta. 081-9201663 Office at Joint Road, Quetta


Field Offices, North-Region

S# Circle District / Forest Division Designation Office Number Address
12 Conservator of Forests, Quetta Division.


Phone No.081-2442376
Office Address: Office of CF Quetta Division,Opposite, Balochistan University, Sabzal Road, Quetta

Quetta city Deputy Conservator of Forests 081-9202634 Office at Ramzay Road, Quetta.
Quetta Division Deputy Conservator of Forests 081-9202606 Office at Joint Road, Quetta.
Chagai Divisional Forest Officer 03337898277 Chagai at Dalbandin.
Nushki Divisional Forest Officer 0825-872354 Office near Bus Stop, Nushki.
Pishin Divisional Forest Officer 0826-420541 Office near Shoukat Adda Bad Road, Pishin.
Killa Abdullah Divisional Forest Officer 0826-615232 Office at DC Complex, Chaman.
Mianghundi Park Deputy Conservator of Forests 03003818417 Office opposite to Balochistan University, Sabzal Road, Quetta.
13 Conservator of Forests, Sibi Division.
Phone No.0833-500210
Office Address:Office of CF Sibi Division, Commissioner Officer Road, Sibi.
Ziarat Deputy Conservator of Forests 0833-560280 Office on main Zanjawi Road, Ziarat
Dera Bugti Divisional Forest Officer 03363138957 Office at Dera Bugti Town, Dera Bugti.
Harnai Divisional Forest Officer 0833-520468 Office at main Bazar, Harnai.
Kohlu Divisional Forest Officer 0837430240 Office at Kohlu Town, Kholu.
Sibi Divisional Forest Officer 0833-9230165 Office on Irrigation Road Sibi.
14 Conservator of Forests, Zhob Division.
Phone No.0824-410036
Office Address:Office of CF Zhob Division at Loralai near Labour Colony, Loralai.
Killa Saifullah Deputy Conservator of Forests 0823-610377 Office near DC office Quetta Road Killa Saifullah.
Zhob Deputy Conservator of Forests 0822-412914 Office on D.I.Khan Road near Shaheen Chowk, Zhob.
Loralai Divisional Forest Officer 0824-410882 Office at Labour  Coloney Quetta Road, Loralai.
Musakhail Divisional Forest Officer 0828-611074 Office on Kingri Road, Musakhail.
Barkhan Divisional Forest Officer 0336-6300877 Office on DG Khan Road, Rakni.
Sherani Divisional Forest Officer 0822-414466 Office on Dera Road Zhob.

Field Offices, South-Region

S# Circle District / Forest Division Designation Office Number Address
15 Conservator of Forests, Kalat Division at Khuzdar.


Phone No. 0848-412776
Office Address:Office of CF Kalat Division at Khuzdar, Purana Karachi Road, Khuzdar.

Kalat Divisional Forest Officer 0844-210372 Office near DC Office, Kalat
Khuzdar Divisional Forest Officer 0848-412776 Office on Purana Karachi Road, Khuzdar.
Kharan Divisional Forest Officer 0847-510212  Office near B&R Office, Kharan.
Washuk Divisional Forest Officer 0847-801345  Office near NBP Washuk.
Mastung Divisional Forest Officer 0843-895048 Office near Girls Degree College, Mastung.
Lasbella Deputy Conservator of Forests 0853-610373 Office on main RDC Road Uthal.
Awaran Divisional Forest Officer 0333-7942144 Office opposite DPO Office, Bela Awaran Road, Camp Jahoo.
16 Conservator of Forests, Mekran Division at Turbat.


Phone No.0852-413564
Office Address:Office near Police Station, Kech.

Kech/Turbat Divisional Forest Officer 0852-413564  Office near Police Station, Turbat/ Kech.
Gwadar Deputy Conservator of Forests 0864-211350 Office on Airport Road, Gwadar.
Panjgur Divisional Forest Officer 0855-642209 Office near Zakat Office, Panjgur.
17 Conservator of Forests, Nasirabad Division.


Phone No.0838-710426
Office Address: Office opposite Commissioner Office, Naseerabad.

Jaffarabad Deputy Conservator of Forests 0838510583 Office opposite Irrigation Colony, NBP Road, Dera Allah Yar.
Nasirabad Deputy Conservator of Forests 0838-710381 Office opposite Commissioner Office, Dera Murad Jamali.
Jhal Magsi Divisional Forest Officer 0834-430203  Office near Jamia Masjid, Gandawa Town, Jhal Magsi.
Kachhi/Bolan Divisional Forest Officer 0832-415450 Office near Police Station, Rind Ali, Kachhi.