The priority of our government is to bring change through education. The Provincial Government had allocated Rs. 1000.00 million for provision of Laptops to the meritorious students of Balochistan through PSDP Scheme. In order to uplift the standards of Higher Education, the Department has also started imparting of 2 years ADA/ADS and 4 Year BS degree program in the selected public sector degree colleges. Furthermore, BS-Tech has also been introduced in College of Technology, Quetta.

In order to bring department at par with the standards of modern world, the process of reforms has also been initiated within the department. The purpose is to restructure the Department to cope with the challenges of tomorrows. In this behalf everyone is invited to submit his recommendations and suggestions for the improvement and betterment of education system.

Hafiz Abdul Majid

Hafiz Abdul Majid


I am pleased to welcome you at the website of Colleges, Higher and Technical Education Department. The web site has been developed to provide information about the department and to make department easily approachable to the public. I assure that we will keep on improving and updating the data, as and when required.

The Department is performing and delivering, within its available resources, based on promoting the accessible and quality of higher and technical education. The department is striving to promote higher education and research, create highly skilled youth and enable the young generation to secure jobs opportunities locally and internationally.

About Department/ Introduction.

Colleges, Higher and Technical Education Department (CH&TED) is one of the department of Government of Balochistan responsible for quality education, conducive learning environment and provision of allied services such as conducting test and examination, and licensing of Private education providers in the province. The primary aim of the department is to create highly educated society where educational opportunities are equally available for all youth with no difference of social, ethnic, and cultural background or family circumstances.

Education Department was bifurcated into two department in December 2015 as Colleges Higher & Technical Education and Secondary Education Department. So, department started functioning as an independent department.

The department has a network of field offices to ensure compliance of executive decision. The Department operates through a network of two field offices, i.e., Directorate of Colleges and Directorate of Technical Education, Balochistan and 06 Divisional Monitoring Offices managing more than 136 colleges in Balochistan.

Moreover, one Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) for examination purposes, at Quetta and 01 Academy for College Teacher Training (BACT) are, working under the umbrella of department. In addition to that, 10 Cadet Colleges, 05 BRCs and 09 Colleges for Technical Education are also functioning under the supervision of department.

Furthermore, 03 Project Directors are also working to execute the construction works of Cadet Colleges, BRCs and Shaheed Sikandar Zehri University, Khuzdar.



Recognition and acceptance of academic excellence resulting highly qualified, skilled and knowledgeable youth through well qualified and trained human resource and acceptance of innovation, research and development in institutions.



Our Mission is to provide inclusive, equitable and quality higher, tertiary and technical education to all boys and girls of Balochistan. In order to acquire knowledge and skills needed for employment, decent jobs, and entrepreneurship and also promote research and development to open new avenues and opportunities in higher education.



  • Knowledge Economy through Higher Education
  • Advancement of Science, Technical and Vocational Education
  • Improving Quality and Efficiency of Education System
  • Promoting use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)
  • Achieving Gender Equality in Education
  • Selection, Recruitment, and Capacity building of Teachers
  • Curriculum and Standards
  • Libraries & Instructional Technologies
  • Physical Education, Sports and Games
  • Reforms in Assessment and Examination System
  • Research and Data base for Effective Educational Planning
  • Mechanisms for Implementation and Monitoring of Education Policy.


Service for General Public.

Colleges Higher and Technical Education Department is responsible for education, learning and related services for students, as well as for faculty/ teaching and non-teaching staff, serving in public sector institutions in the province and other sister provinces.

Measures undertaken by the department for interaction with general public

  • Web site of College Higher and Technical Education Department.
  • Web Site CH&TED.
  • Online Admission System.
  • Online Teaching System
  • Online Learning System.


Details of Attached Department with complete address and Contact details.

Serial No. Name Address Contact No.
1 Directorate of Colleges and Higher Education, Balochistan Quetta. Shawak Shaw Road, Quetta.  081-9202676
2 Directorate of Technical Education, Balochistan, Quetta. Directorate of Schools, Brewry Road, Quetta. 0304- 9925104
3 Balochistan Academy for College Teachers (BACT), Quetta. Satellite Town, Quetta. 081-2440854-6
4 Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Balochistan Quetta Samungli Road, Quetta.  081-9202272
5 Project Director, Cadet Colleges, Balochistan, H-No. 101/208-B, Jinnah Town, Quetta 081-2870264
6 Project Director, Balochistan Polyethnic/Residential Colleges, Balochistan, 182-B, Jinnah Town, Quetta. 081-2870400
7 Project Director, Shaheed Sikandar Zehri University, Khuzdar, Khuzdar Township, Near Sardar Aslam Bezinjo Bangalow, Khuzdar.  0333-3338482
S.# Designation Office #
1. Secretary 081-9203403.
2. Additional Secretary (Dev:) 081-9201747.
3. Additional Secretary (Admn:) 081-9202186.
4. Deputy Secretary (Dev:) 081-9203314.
5. Deputy Secretary (Admn:) 081-9202569.
6. Section Officer (Academics) 081-9202063.
7. Section Officer (Development) 081-9201063.
8. Section Officer (Budget) 081-9203354.
9. Section Officer (Colleges-I) 081-9201157.
10 Section Officer (Colleges-II) 081-9202405.
11. Section Officer (Colleges-III) 081-9203439.
12. Section Officer (Admn:) 081-9202655.