Mr. Zia Longove

Mr. Zia Longove


The Province of Balochistan is passing through a defining moment of its history. Its people and law enforcement agencies have sacrificed their lives to protect its rich culture, history and traditions. It’s high time to work for the betterment of the people of Balochistan by ensuring good governance and accelerating the pace of socio-economic development. I honor and respect the sacrifices rendered by our all LEAs in Balochistan in maintaining peace, and security of people’s lives and property in Balochistan....
I as Advisor to the Chief Minister on Home & Tribal Affairs Department, am committed to utilize complete potential of our Law Enforcing Agencies (LEAs) for providing safe and secure environment to all segments of our society based on equality, transparency and respect to rule of Law, thereby ensuring respect and dignity of every individual across Balochistan, as guaranteed under the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Attainment of a secure, just and prosperous society through socio-economic and human resource development, creation of equal opportunities, good governance and optimal utilization of resources in a sustainable manner is prime responsibility of our government, and I assure the people of Balochistan and all visitors, travelers that we would continue to strive and leave no stone unturned in creating an enabling and secure environment where peaceful coexistence of all communities thrives and flourishes in Balochistan by each passing day.

Mr. Zahid Saleem

Mr. Zahid Saleem


Our team remains committed to provide safe and secure environment for people to live, and travel across Balochistan, thereby contributing in a meaningful manner for prosperity and development of Balochistan and its inhabitants

About Department

Home & Tribal Affairs Department (H&TA) occupies a central position regarding security, and law and order matters of the Province. It is the supreme policy making body for peace building and ensuring respect for the rule of law. It is the parent body/Administrative department for all matters related to Police, Levies, Prisons, Prosecution, Probation and Reclamation and Civil Administration across the province. Interagency coordination, and maintaining close liaison with Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for cross border matters is another critical mandate of Home & Tribal Affairs Department. Historically, Home and Tribal Affairs Department has played a strategically important role in maintaining law and order and giving policy directions to its implementing arms.

The H&TA Department ensures close coordination with the Armed Forces and other paramilitary forces to ensure peace and tranquility across the province thereby endeavoring to ensure protection of lives and property of people in Balochistan.  Respect for the fundamental rights as enshrined under the Constitution of Islamic Republic Pakistan, and adherence to the directions of Judiciary for peaceful and secure environment remains as the primary objective of H&TA Department.



A safe and secure Balochistan



To work closely with people for ensuring their safety and security across Balochistan

Departmental Functions

  • Maintaining Law & Order
  • Keeping Balochistan Drug Free
  • Managing Security Threats through interagency coordination
  • Combatting Trafficking in persons
  • Dealing with the affairs of licensing & working of private security agencies and arms dealer shops
  • Matters related to arms license
  • Regulation of Arms and Ammunition
  • Matters pertaining to Civil Armed Forces
  • Managing Prisons & Rehabilitation
  • Administration and Establishment of Prisons and Judicial Lockups
  • Administration of Parole, reclamation and Probation
  • Establishment and Administration of Police
  • Establishment and Administration of Levies
  • Conduct and administration of Judicial Inquiries

Attached Departments

  1. Balochistan Police

Address: IG office: Central Police Office, Gulistan Road, Quetta Cantonment.


  1. Balochistan Levies Force

Address: Joint Road, Quetta.

Contacts 081-9201783

  1. Directorate of Civil Defense

Address:    Mecongi Road, Quetta.

Contacts 081-9203514/081-9203513

  1. 4) Balochistan Constabulary

Address: Gulistan Road, Quetta Cantonment.

Contacts: 081-9201407

  1. Balochistan Prison Department

Address: Samangli Road, Quetta.

Contacts: 081-9202707

  1. Directorate of Reclamation and Probation

Address: Joint Road, Quetta.

Contacts: 081-9213516

Development Schemes

Name Cost in Million
Security of Highways in Balochistan Layout of Coastal Highway Police N-10 795.560
Construction of Police Station at Jhao Awaran 15.00
Construction of Police Station DSP SHO Residential Banglows at Jhao Awaran 50.00
Construction of Additional Rooms and improvement of Quaid Abad Police Station Alamdar Road Quetta 40.00
Mini Sports Complex Police Line Quetta 70.00
Construction of Barrack at BC HQrs Badar Line Quetta 106.00
Construction of Police Station CTD Sibi. 55.427
Construction of ATF HQRS Quetta 432.268
Construction of SP Complex Admin: Officers (Police Line) Resi: Accoomo: in District Shaheed Sikandar Abad 252.750
Construction of Police Station Bakra Mandi With 8 flats Eastern Baypass Industrial Zone Sariab Road Quetta 70.00
Construction of Police Station Jinnah Town With 4 flats Quetta 50.00
Construction of Police Station New Kuchlak Quetta 50.00
Construction of Police Station Killi Umer with 4 flats near Chiltan Housing Scheme Quetta 80.00
Police Line Harnai DPO office/Residence 96.00


Public Help Line

Help Line/Control Room 081-9202119