Muhammad Khan Lehri

Muhammad Khan Lehri



Balochistan is a vast province having 85% dependency on Agriculture and livestock and this cannot be achieved if water resources are not sagaciously augmented through the construction of weirs, Canals, Channels & Delay Action Dams. Irrigation Department has also been mandated to monitor and improve the depleting water table in 18 river basins across Balochistan. The present government is thriving hard to achieve those goals either through donor agencies or its own meagre resources and by those measures with the grace of Allah there will be a considerable impact on the livelihood of the people living in this province.


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Abdul Fattah Bhangar

Abdul Fattah Bhangar



The precipitation ratio as compared to the rest of the country is very low making water a precious commodity for the people of Balochistan. It is the mandate of the department to identify and augment those resources by improving the canal system, identifying of potential dams, other dispersal and water harvesting techniques to store maximum surface water and preserve ground water level for the use of drinking , agriculture, industrial, forest, livestock and other purposes. This  results improvement  in the  livelihood and socio-economic condition of the people of Balochistan.


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About Department

  • Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area which spreads virtually as a plateau over 347,185 square Kilometers. Constituting 44% of the total area of Pakistan.
  • Approximately 85% of the population lives in rural areas and mainly depends on agriculture and livestock as sources of livelihood.
  • The Irrigation Department came under the Administrative control of the Provincial Government after abolition of one unit and formation of Balochistan province in 1970.
  • Since its inception the Irrigation Department is busy in harnessing precious & scarce quantity of water available in small streams, springs, hill-torrents through constructing small weirs, lining of channels, flood diversion structures, & small storage & delay action dams in the province for enhance agriculture production.


The Objective of the Irrigation Department is to Recharge Ground Water aquifers, Conservation of Run-off, water Flood Mitigation, Soil Erosion Control and Poverty Alleviation by the construction of Flood and Perennial Structures on 18 river basins of Balochistan.



Conservation, storage and optimal utilization of surface and groundwater resources and flood protection measures.



Monitoring / collection of hydro-meteorological data, planning, design and construction of Delay Action Dams, Storage Dams, Perennial and Flood Irrigation & Drainage Schemes, Flood Protection Schemes for protecting irrigated land, population and other infrastructure facilities, rehabilitation of damaged irrigation/ drainage facilities.

The mandate of the department (As per Rule of Business 2012) are as under:-

  • Planning, Development and Monitoring of surface & sub-surface water resources.
  • Collection and analysis of hydrometer-logical data.
  • Flood defense measures & flood fighting.
  • To coordinate with the Federal Government and International Agencies regarding Water Sector Development and Flood Defense Measures.
  • Coordination with Planning Commission, Federal Flood Commission, Ministry of Water & Power, WAPDA, PCRWR, Pak Metro-logical Department, Provincial Irrigation Departments and IRSA with regard to Water Sector issues.
  • Coordination with World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other International Agencies dealing with Water Sector.
  • Coordination with Pak Army, FC, Civil Administration, Local Administration, Police, PDMA and Population of areas vulnerable to flood problems, alarming monsoon seasons & floods, emergency.
  • Rivers and river basin surveys.
  • Construction and maintenance of perennial canals
  • Construction of water storage reservoirs.
  • Flood control schemes and embankments.
  • Construction of dams and reservoirs for ground water recharge and irrigation purposes.
  • Community irrigation schemes and social mobilization
  • Irrigation and drainage management
  • Development of flood irrigation resources.
  • Assessment of water charges/Abiana and drainage cess.
  • Planning, development and Monitoring of Ground Water Recharge.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of groundwater resources of all basins and sub basins.
  • Sustainable groundwater conservation strategies.
  • Measures to control the over-exploitation of groundwater in the selected basins/sub basins

Organizational Structure of Secretary Office


S.No Tender Download
1 3700-PAK(COL): Balochistan Water Resources Development Sector Project Invitation for Bids-MR&R NCB-07
2 NCB-06: Construction of Killi Sardar Akhtar Perennial Irrigation
Subproject, Zhob River Basin
Invitation for Bids-KSA
3 2NCB-04: Construction of Pashta Khan and Garambowad Perennial
Irrigation Subproject, Mula River Basin
4 PMO-NCB-07: ICT & Security for Water Resources Building, Quetta

Details of Attached departments with complete address and contact details.


Add: Office of the Chief Engineer Quetta near PTCL exchange Sariab road Quetta.

Phone No. 081-9211600

Fax No. 081-9211601


Add: Office of the Chief Engineer Quetta near PTCL exchange Sariab road Quetta.

Phone No. 081-2442272

Fax No. 081-2442512


Add: Office of the Chief Engineer Quetta near PTCL exchange Sariab road Quetta.

Phone No. 081-9211605

Fax No. 081-9211721


Add: Office of the DG WRPD&M Directorate near PTCL exchange Sariab road Quetta.

Phone No. 081-9211113

Fax No. 081-9211559

Service for General public

Drought mitigation

        • Construction of Delay Action ,
        • Check & Storage Dam & Construction of Weirs,
        • perennial/Flood Irrigation Schemes

Flood Mitigation

        • Constriction of Flood Protection Walls / Bunds.
Secretary 9201074 9202157
Special Secretary 9201723
Additional Secretary  (Tech:) 9202487
Additional Secretary   (Admin) 9204178
Deputy Secretary  (Admin) 9202781
Under Secretary  (Admin) 9202313
Under Secretary  (Gen:) 9202610
Account Officer   (B&A) 9202738
Section Officer  (Dev:) 9202379
Director Judicial 9202736