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The Government of Balochistan has implemented the National Mineral Policy-1995 which provides appropriate institutional arrangements, a modern regulatory frame work, and equitable and internationally competitive fiscal programme to expand mineral database.
In pursuance of National Mineral Policy 1195, the Government of Balochistan has created the department of Mines and Mineral Development Department in March 2002. With the implementation of National Mineral Policy and formulation of Balochistan Mineral Rules 2002 several National / Multinational Foreign Mining Companies have responded favorable for the exploration and development of Mineral potential of the province.

The GoB launched its own policy in the name of Balochistan Mineral Policy-2019.



“Providing an enabling environment for realizing the rich mineral potential of Balochistan through improved governance and focused interventions, aiming at encouraging private sector participation to foster development, economic growth and meaningful contribution towards the well-being of the people of the Balochistan – the real owners!”



To ensure responsible minerals development that contributes the optimal level of minerals revenue while respecting the principles of sustainable development.

Development Program Last Five (5 years)


  • Mineral Complex: It is an on-going project of the department. The complex will be a state of art building, where all the wings of the department will be accommodated. The complex will have a mineral laboratory as well as mineral museum of Balochistan.   
  • Automation of Royalty Regime: It is an on-going development scheme which will not only digitize all the existing data and processes of the department but automate the whole practices, like application submission, royalty collection etc.
  • Installation of Digital Weighbridges at Hanna, Degari, Rakhni, Zhob, Hub & Lung Lohaar (Hub): It is an on-going development scheme of the department. The purpose of scheme is to digitize the weighbridges of mineral check posts and link it with automation system of department.
  • Balochistan Mineral Resources Mapping: It is an on-going project, which is producing geological and geophysical data of Balochistan. This project will be a valuable assistance to all national and international mining investors.
  • Establishment of Mines Rescue & Safety Training Centre and Mine Surveyor’s Institute at Quetta: It is an on-going project of the department. The training center will provide rescue and safety training to mine workers.
  • Integrated Development of Mining sites (Shelter less Schools Dispensaries of Mines Labour Welfare Orgnization: It is an on-going project of the department. Schools and Dispensaries for welfare of mineworker’s families will be established in various districts of province.

Mines & Minerals Development Department

Director General Mines & Minerals


  • To enhance the revenue, economic and social impact of mining activities on the local and regional development.
  • To ensure the contribution of the mining sector to poverty alleviation. This will be achieved through the empowerment of the communities for the local management of the mineral wealth. Government of Balochistan is committed to the development of the mineral resources to achieve the economic development of the province and the objective of its economic policy
  • To achieve prosperity and progress of the people of Balochistan.
  • The Government of Balochistan is launching major policy initiatives to expand mineral sector activity mainly through private investment, improvement of small scale mining and associated down stream products.
  • Faster economic diversification.
  • Impacts on employment, poverty reduction, socioeconomic development.
  • Establishment of Mineral based industry in the province.
  • To enhance the contribution made by this economic activity to GDP
  • To lend support to the social uplift programmers.

The GoB launched its own policy in the name of Balochistan Mineral Policy-2019.

Main function of the Mines and Mineral Development Department

  • To facilitate and provide service for the exploration / exploitation of Mineral resources in the province.
  • Encouraging Foreign investment in exploration / exploitation of large scale mining.
  • Encouraging / pursuance for establishment of mineral based industry within province.
  • Establishment of more export processing zones as result mine owner / business community involved in mining will be benefited.
  • To provide infrastructure facilities to the mining areas.
  • Generate / increase the revenue in the mineral sector.
  • Strengthening of Departmental Capacity.

Three wings are working in the mines and mineral development department to achieve the objective assigned to the department:

  • Directorate General of Mines and Mineral.
  • Inspectorate of Mines.
  • Mines Labour Welfare Organization.

Directorate General of Mines and Mineral Development

  • Grant of Concessions of Minerals.
  • Regulations of Balochistan Mineral Rules 2002.
  • Collection of royalty and rent and resolving the boundary disputes.
  • Technical assistance / advice to the Mines owners for scientific exploration of Minerals.
  • Development Projects.

Inspectorate of Mines, Balochistan

  • To ensure the enforcement of the safety law applicable to mines for the safety of worker.
  • Inspectorate of mines has the following two wings :-
  • Inspection wings is responsible for periodic inspection.
  • Prosecution of the defaulters for the safety provision inspections.
  • The following five regional offices under the supervision of one inspector of Mines and one junior Inspector of Mineral on district level have set up for :
  • Inspector of mines.
  • Conduction inquiries in mines accidents.
  • Disciplinary action for violating the safety provisions of the mines Act 1923, Rules and Regulation made there under.
  • In order to provide various facilities to Mine worker and their families government enacted the law of excise duty on Mineral (Labour welfare) Act 1967.

Mines Labour Welfare Organization

  • The mines Labour organization collect excise duty (Cess) on dispatch of various mineral at various rate so fixed by the federal Government.
  • The excise duty recovered by the organization is deposited in Government Treasury under Federal head of account.
  • The mines Labour Welfare Organization is related with the Mining Worker.
  • Welfare Measure for Mines Worker such as Education, Health, Drinking safety water supply and recreation are financed through budget release by Provincial Government.
  • These schools are providing education to the mine worker children free of cost.
  • About thirty thousand Mines Worker and their family members are getting health facilities from these hospital and dispensaries in different parts of Balochistan.
  • At the present the main mining area are situated in Quetta, Loralai, Chagai, Bolan, Sibi, Khuzdar, and Lasbella districts.
  • Service for General Public
    •  To facilitate and provide service for the exploration / exploitation of Mineral resources in the province.
    • Encouraging foreign investment in exploration / exploitation of large scale mining.
    • Encouraging / pursuance for establishment of mineral based industry within province.
    • Establishment of more export processing zones as result mine owner / business community involved in mining will be benefited.
    • To provide infrastructure facilities to the mining areas.
    • Generate / increase the revenue in the mineral sector.
    • Strengthening of Departmental Capacity.

Details of attached departments with complete address and contact details

    • Directorate General of Mines and Mineral, DG MMD Saryab Link Road Quetta, 081-9211167
    • Inspectorate of Mines, CIM Saryab Link Road Quetta, 081-9211174
    • Commissioner Mines Labour Welfare Organization, Samungli Road Quetta, 081-9201384
Pictures of the under Construction Scheme “Mineral Complex of Balochistan” Director General Mines & Minerals 


Underground Inspection by Secretary, Mines & Minerals Dev Department along with Director General and Chief Inspector of Mines, Balochistan.

Rescue Operation conducted at M/S Kakar Coal Company, Ghat Nala where three workers saved alive after 5 days.


Mine Rescue, Safety and Training Course conducted at Central Mines Rescue Station, Sinjidi.

Secretary Mines Minerals Development Department

Details of Attached Departments with Complete Details:

  1. Basic Information:

Directorate General Mines & Minerals Balochistan.

Address: DGMM Office, Link Sariab Road Quetta.

Ph: 081-9211167

Fax: 081-9211168

email: mines@balochistan.gov.pk

  1. Measures under taken by the Department for interaction with general public (Helpline, Website any other)

The Department has undertaken a PSDP Scheme No. 2186 Z2019.0049 in the name of “Institutional Strengthening Automation Of Royalty Regime In Mining Sector, Installation Of Weigh Machines Bridges & Establishment Of Check Post”

The Project is aimed at providing one window operation to the public/applicants. Launching of website is part of the project where basic information along with public data will be available for prospective investors and public. The software component of the Project is nearing completion after which hardware, internet connectivity and cloud storage services will be hired through open bidding.

  1. Organizational Structure:

Organization Structure of DGMM is attached at the end of this document.

  1. Services for General Public:
  • Responsible for the granting of rights to explore and develop the Province’s mineral resources
  • To grant & regulate the mineral concessions/titles under Balochistan Mineral Rules 2002.
  • To Collect rent and royalty.
  • To Solve boundary disputes between different Mine Owners.
  • To provide effective co-ordination and management of the Department, Promote mineral resources development in the
  • Province by establishing coordination between the Government and the Industry.
  • To access to land for exploration and mining.
  • Provide technical assistance to the Mine owners for scientific exploration/exploitation of Minerals.
  • To update Geoscientific and resources information and facilitation and co-ordination of industry project through Government

5. Downloads (Acts, Rules, Policies any other Relevant  Documents (in pdf or Doc format))

Provided Separately

6. Development Programs (last 5 years) along with short details

1. New Schemes:

A number of new schemes were proposed for inclusion in the PSDP 2022-23, however, no new scheme has been reflected in the current PSDP.

8. Ongoing Schemes/Completed Schemes:

  1. Automation: The Government has initiated a project to automate the process of the Mines & Minerals Development Department. This project consists of automating all the process of the Department, which includes submission of online applications for mineral titles/concessions and issuance of rahdaries, process of application through License Management System, online information to investors, issuance of electronic rahdari/challan, e-collection of royalty and other payments and etc. This will result in smooth functioning of the Department and will also help to facilitate investors and mine owners.
  2. Construction and Strengthening of Check Posts and Installation of Weighbridges: The Department through Communication, Works, PP&H Department constructed various new check-posts at Noshki, Hub, Pishin, Loralai, Mastung, Hanna, Degari, Rakhni, Zhob, and Lung Lohar. Furthermore, digital weighbridges Are being installed on the check-posts for the first time which will help in curbing pilferage and proper record keeping.

7. Statement: The Province of Balochistan has for long been known for potential reserves of Mineral Resources. However, this potential has not been fully utilized for the economic uplift of the Province. The Mineral sector is contributing less than 2 % to the GDP, whereas, it has the potential to contribute 10% of the GDP. This is partly due to the negligence of the Government in the past and partly due to non-compliance of the Private Sector to the International best practices. The Department has initiated process to automate the Licensing and Royalty Regime, and provide transparent and one window operation to the investors. Recently, various qualified Engineers and other technical staff have joined the Department improving the human resource capacity. The Department is building its capacity and striving hard to make itself at par with modern day standards and to facilitate the mineral sector and investors. The progress of the sector is not possible without the support of private sector and academia. The public is expected to support investment by allowing smooth functioning of different mining projects, the private sector is expected to adopt international best practices with regards to proper and safe mining, and the academia is expected to undertake research in consultation with the industry with regards to exploration of critical minerals and implementation of latest mining techniques in the Province.

8. Contact Details (Telephone, Mobile No, Email ID)

Telephone: 081-9211167

Mobile: +92 300 9389196

Email: mines@balochistan.gov.pk

9. Updated Pictures:

Events/Projects Pictures with short details:

Pictures Taken during Trainings Conducted at IBA Karachi under the Project “ Capacity Building of the Officers of Mines & Minerals Development Department”

  1. Contacts/Information Directory

1.  Director General Bashir Ahmed Mastoi 081-9211167, +92 300 9389196

2.Director Title & Licensing Coal           Abdul Salam Lehri        081-9211172,     +92 300 3860658

3.Director Executive Support                 Ameer Hussain Lassi       +92 331 2030006

4.Director (Survey & Drawing)                Abdul Ghaffar Nasar        081-9211156

5.Director Title & Licensing Marble      Syed Rafiullah   +92 333 7951195

6.Director Judicial                                             Abdul Mateen        +92 321 8148535

7.Deputy Director Administration          Shamsullah Khan    081-9211152

8.Deputy Director Title & Licensing Coal     Muhammad Ibrahim      081-9211198

9.Deputy Director Title & Licensing  (Marble & OM)    Hussain Bugti    3218006989

10.Deputy Director (Rent & Royalty)        Muhammad Naseem    +92 312 5610095

11.Deputy Director Coordination & Development    Akmal Ahmed Khan     081-9211154

12.Seniro Statistical Officer                              Syed Asghar Ali      +92 333 5008950

13.Computer Programmer                               Muhammad Usman     +92 317 8457441

Details of other Ongoing Schemes of the DGMM are as under: –

S. No.

PSDP No and Project ID Project Name

Estimated Cost





Installation of Digital Weighbridges at Hanna, Degari, Rakhni, Zhob & Lung Lohaar (Hub) 70



Const; of New Mineral Check Post at Noshki, Pishin, Loralai, Mastung 54.846
3. 3899
Inst/Streng; Automation of Royalty Regime in Mining Sector, Installation of Weigh Machines & Bridges & Est of Check Post. 150



B/T Road From Aari Pir to Saroona District Khuzdar 30 KMs (Mines) 1218.930



Construction of Mineral Complex in Balochistan at Quetta 500



Mineral Resource Mapping in Balochistan 100



Capacity Building of the Officer of the Mines & Mineral Development Department 300



Construction of Check Post With Digital Weighbridge at Zhob Bypass Road 20



Geo Resource Survey of Balochistan 438



Construction of Sub Office at Dukki and Nokundi




Construction of Regional Office Building Purchase of Land Mach 60



Construction of Residence Bungalow for Director B-19 at Regional Office Hub



Inspectorate of Mines, Balochistan is attached department of Mines & Mineral Development Department, Govt of Balochistan. Chief Inspector of Mines heads the department. Two wings have been established for the purpose of carrying out its functions and activities including

  1. Inspection Wing: for conducting inspections of mines, conducting inquiries of accidents and prosecutions of defaulters.
  2. Rescue and Safety Wing: is responsible for Rescue, Safety, Training of technical staff and mine workers, dealing mines emergencies, opening & closing/sealing of mine, fire stopping in irrespirable atmosphere and mine sample testing & research. Further functions and activities corresponding to their responsibilities are briefed as follows:
Inspection Wing

1.Inspections of Mines.

2.Prosecution of mine owners/ agents against the violation of Mine Act 1923.

3.Inquiries of mine accidents.

1.Inspector/Junior Inspector of Mines.
Rescue and Safety Wing

1.Rescue and Recovery Operations.

2. Training of technical staff & mine workers.

3. Dealing mine emergencies

4. Opening and closing/sealing of mine, fire stoppings in gaseous atmosphere.


1.Mine Rescue Superintendent.

2.Mine Safety Engineer.

3. Rescue Instructor.

4.Assistant Director.

5.Training Officer

Mine Sample/ Testing and Research 1.For mine environmental control, periodical sampling of coal dust. air, gases, temperature, humidity, water analysis in the mine. 1.Asstt:Director  (Chemical)


The main objective of the department is to ensure Health and Safety of the mine workers. The safety aspect are covered under the provisions of Mines Act 1923, Coal Mines Regulation 1926, Metalliferous Mines Regulations 1926, Consolidated Mines Rules 1952, Electricity Rules 1937 and Rules, Regulations & By-laws made thereunder. This job is performed through the regular inspections by the qualified inspectors of mines.

CONTACT DETAIL (Telephone Number, Mobile Number, E-mail Address)

The contact details of Abdul Ghani, Chief Inspector of Mines, Balochistan are as,


S.No Details Telephone Number Mobile Number
1 Abdul Ghani, CIM, Balochstan. 08192011174 03337817065
2 Mir Ahmad, IOM, Kalat.      ——– 03346026510
3 Abdul Rasheed, IOM, Much. 0833416596 03337902777
4 Muhammad Atif, IOM, Quetta.      ——– 03318348872
5 Juma Khan, IOM, Duki.      ——– 03337807262
6 Abdul Rashed, IOM, Loralai.      ——– 03337831625
7 Shah Mosam, IOM, Sharigh.      ——– 03335788464
8 Maqsood Ahmad, JIM, Safety & Rescue Station, Chamalng.      ——– 03337860655
9 Fazal Ahmad,MSE, Safety & Rescue Station, Muslim Bagh.      ———



10 Mohmmad Akram,,T.O, Central Mines Rescue & Safety Station, Sinjidi. 0812007680 03337848164
11 Ahmad Jan,C.M, MTC, Sorange 0812004452 03108233417


This department is running an official page on facebook named as “Inspectorate of Mines, Balochistan”.


This department is providing Rescue & Safety facilities 24/7 to the mine workers. The Help line numbers are:

  • Mine Rescue Superintendent, Balochistan official number 0819211175.
  • Central Mines Rescue & Safety Station, Sinjidi official number 0812007680
  • Mine Training Centre, Sorange official number 0812004452.

DOWNLOAD (Acts, Regulations, Rules)

This department covers the Health & Safety aspects of the mine workers under the provision of the following Act, Regulation &Rule, furthermore copies are attached in PDF

  • Mines Act,1923.
  • Coal Mines Regulation,1926.
  • Metalliferous Mines Regulation,1926.
  • Consolidated Mines Rule,1952.
  • The Electricity Rule,1937.



New Development Schemes.

  • Mine Safety, Recue & Training and Mine Survey Institute, Quetta.

Ongoing Schemes/Completed Schemes.

  • Mines Safety & Training Center, Muslim Bagh.
  • Mines Safety & Training Center, Duki.