About Department/Introduction:

A nascent Provincial Department created in June, 2019 from an existing Provincial Department of Religion, Minorities Affairs & Interfaith Harmony with the prime mandate to devise policies and take measures for the socio-economic uplift of various minorities living in Balochistan. It safeguard the Rights and interest of Minorities and protect them against the discrimination. Administratively headed by an Administrative secretary along with allied staff of S&GAD. Politically led by parliamentary Secretary for Minorities from the Provincial Assembly. The Department though in fledgling phase, despite dearth of the requisite human resource and other facilities, has been striving hard to meet its assigned mandate.

Mr. Khalil George Francis

Mr. Khalil George Francis


By the Grace of God, it is an honour for me that I have been entrusted the portfolio of Minority Department. The primary responsibility of all Government is to serve its people in general and minority in particular. Islam has also given great importance to the right of Minorities in an Islamic State. Minority Department was established for protecting the rights and welfare of all minorities’ communities residing in the province. Although it is a new department yet it is striving hard to serve the communities in all walk of life. The current Government has allocated sizeable amount of funds for the uplift of Minority

Mr. Zafar Ali Buledi

Mr. Zafar Ali Buledi


I have been posted in this Department as Secretary . It gives me immense pleasure to serve the minority Community of Balochistan because every sect of the society has equal rights and importance. Minority Department is protecting and safeguarding the rights of minorities as envisaged in the constitution of Pakistan. Socially and economically progressive minorities are building blocks of any secure and stable society. My aim is as is to work on the uplift of minority community in the province. In this regard different programs have been devised in Development and Non Development sectors



The vision of Minorities Affairs department is to improve the quality life of people belonging to Minority Community in Balochistan, by granting free environment to profess their religion and creating socio economic opportunities for their uplift as envisaged in the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.



The mission of Minority Affairs Department is to devise a comprehensive plan through development and non-development sectors for the uplift of minority community and to protect and safeguard the rights of Minorities in Balochistan by keeping liaison with the Federal Government and Provincial Government regarding their grievances.

  1. To extend financial support to maximum numbers of beneficiaries of various minority communities residing in the province through grant in aid program of Government of Balochistan in following areas:
  • Repair/renovation of religious worship places of Minorities.
  • Celebration of religious festivals.
  • Conduct of sports events for Minority
  • To help out the suffering members of minority communities’ consequent to terrorist attack, accident, natural disaster, etc
  • for patients of fire, road accident, terrorism.
  • for marriage and dowry to the poor family of Minority Communities
  • scholarship for the competent students of Minorities.
  • for purchase of physical assets like Ambulances, Water boozers etc.


  • Ensuring the implementation of 05% Quota in services in various Departments of Balochistan.
  • Elimination of all forms of discrimination against Minorities.
  • Policy formulation and planning for public awareness regarding Minorities Rights.
  • Highlighting the issues being faced by the Minority in the province to Government of Balochistan for its swift solution.
  • Safeguarding the Rights and Interests of Minorities
  • Coordination with National Minority Commission and other Federal entities regarding right of Minoritiy.
  • Arranging different events for the participation of Minority
  1. Directorate of Minority Affairs, Jinnah Town, Samungli Road Quetta.
  2. Deputy Director, Quetta
  3. Deputy Director, Kalat
  4. Deputy Director, Naseerabad