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About Department

Planning and Development (P&D) Department, Government of Balochistan, is a premier planning body in the province. It formulate all development, planning policy matters and plans to execute the policy. Provincial Five Years Plans (FYP) contain development policy while annual Public Sector Development Programmes (PSDPs) are planned to implement FYP policies concerning social, infrastructure and productive sectors. Small and medium range projects are accommodated in PSDP. P&D department has various studies and surveys conducted for use in planning. District profiles, Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and very recently a Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) are some of instances of efforts for better planning.


To plan judiciously the scarce financial resources to improve socio-economic conditions of the masses of the province.

Sections of Department

There are eleven sections in the department, including administration section, which look into development matters concerning different sectors, sub-sectors and other development packages. Each section, except administration section, is run by Chief of Section. Since there is enormous work load, some Assistant Chief of Sections are also given charge of a number of sections.

  • Programming Section
  • Communication And Transport Section
  • Waater and Power Section
  • Eductaionand Local Government Section
  • Agriculture, Food And Fisheries Section
  • Health and Social Welfare Section
  • Natural Resources Section
  • Development Package Section
  • Development Authorties Section
  • Forest, Livestock and Foreign Aid Section
  • Information Technology Section
  • Library


  • Optimal utilization of available scarce resources.
  • Formulation of development policies, strategies and sectoral priorities for the province.
  • To ensure that the lined departments, in accordance with the policies of the Provincial Government, achieve set targets.
  • To determine need and arrange foreign training for human resources of the province.
  • To find suitable foreign donors for mega projects seeking assistance from the Federal Government in this regard.
  • To ensure timely processing/ approval of development schemes at the level of PDWP, CDWP and ECNEC.

Department Function

  • Planning including policy and development.
  • Co-operation of technical assistance from abroad.
  • Economic research (and matters relating to Board of Economic Inquiry).
  • Co-operation of statistics in General, and all matters relating to the Bureau of Statistics.
  • Processing of all development schemes, programs and proposals submitted by other Departments and making recommendations to Government thereon.
  • To evaluate the progress of development schemes and write their critical appraisal.
  • Maintaining liaison with the National Planning Agencies.
  • Initiation of measures for giving suitable publicity to the Development Plan and educating the Public on the results achieved from time to time.
  • Co-operation of training of local officers in foreign countries
  • Foreign aid including donor cooperation, concept clearance and keeping proper liaison with all the donors and the federal ministries concerned.
  • Autonomous bodies i.e. Quetta Development Authority, Balochistan Development Authority, Gwadar Development Authority, Balochistan Coastal Development Authority, and Balochistan Water and Sanitation Authority.
  • Inter-departmental Co-operation in cases relating to Economic Policy and Development.
  • Inter-Provincial Co-operation in the field of Economic Policy.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of all development projects and programmes in the province.
  • Main functions of the P&D department can be summarized as under:
  • Planning.
  • Progress reviewing.
  • Monitoring and evaluation.
  • Training.
  • Co-ordination.

Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys


Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) is an international household survey program developed by UNICEF. It has been conducted in more than 100 countries of the world. In Balochistan, first MICS was conducted during 2003-04 at district level with the technical and financial assistance of UNICEF. Its report may be read at links given in the right pane.
Planning & Development department, Government of Balochistan is conducting second round of district based MICS. UNICEF and Federal Bureau of Statistics are providing technical support. It is fully financed by UNICEF, DFID and AusAid. Its report will be available by the end of year 2010 and will also be published on website of Government of Balochistan ( ), which can be visited for updates on MICS Balochistan 2009-10.


  • Assess current situation of women and children
  • Monitor progress towards national MDGs and provincial and national development targets
  • Provide evidence for informed decision making
  • Increase national / provincial technical capacity on research

List of indicators

Implementation Steps

  • Selection of indicators
  • Customization of standard MICS-4 questionnaires
  • Household listing
  • Data collection
  • Data entry and analysis
  • Report writing
  • Report dissemination Add your content…

Management Structure

MICS Balochistan 2009-10 is lead by MICS Steering Committee headed by Additional Chief Secretary (Development), Balochistan. Steering Committee members include Secretaries to Government of Balochistan all Divisional Commissioners and representatives of reputed NGOs. A Technical Committee, chaired by Chief Economist of Balochistan, provides technical support in all crucial matters. Its constitution comprises of Additional Secretaries, Academia and NGOs. Chief of Section (MICS/Programming), P&D Department, performs as secretary to the Technical Committee. MICS Secretariat handles affairs relating to implementation of MICS Balochistan in addition to providing secretarial support to the Steering and Technical Committees. Chief of Section (MICS/Programming) is head of MICS Secretariat.

Contact Us

Chief of Section (MICS/Programming)
MICS Secretariat, Planning & Development Department, Balochistan
Bock-6, Civil Secretariat, Quetta
Ph # 92 81 920 1225, FAX 92 81 9202034

S. No Name Download
1 Wise District Working PSDP 2021-22 Download
S. No Name and Designation Office
1 Additional Chief Secretary (Dev.) 081-9201052
2 Secretary (Planning) 081-9202903
3 Chief Economist 081-9201413
4 Director General (Implementation) 081-9202921
5 Joint Chief Economist 081-9201677
6 Additional Secretary 081-9202294
7 Chief (Education) 081-9201664
8 Chief (Agriculture) 081-920 3363
9 Chief (Water & Power) 081-9201145
10 Chief (Health) 081-9202141
11 Chief (industries) 081-9202048
12 System Analyst, Computer Section 081-9202034