About Department

The prosecution department was bifurcated from the law department in the
year 2012, to curb the crimes by more effective means. Its main function is to
provide free legal assistance to the victims of crimes.

Minister Name

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Secretary Name

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To stand with the victim of crimes.
To create a bridge between Law enforcement agencies and Courts.
To create and improve an atmosphere of trust in the criminal justice system.



Dispensation of criminal justice through fair and speedy trials.
To provide free legal assistance to needy offenders to achieve the goal of a Fair trial.
Help to improve the investigations.

To prosecute every offender of Law before the Courts and ensure dispensation  of Justice by providing every possible Legal assistance before and during the Trial. To reduce crime and the fear of crime. To ensure the effective delivery
of Justice

Services for General Public.
The prosecution department provides free legal aid to the victims or survivors
of the crime. After the registration of FIR, the prosecution represents the
victims in Criminal courts on behalf of the state, from the court of the first
instance to the higher forum i.e, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Measures were undertaken by the department for interaction with
General Public (Helpline, website any other)
Any issue of the General public can directly be addressed to the Secretary of
Prosecution through “PM-PORTAL”. Moreover, in each district, the offices of
the District Public Prosecutors are established.

Details of attached departments
Prosecutor General Balochistan office, High Court buildings Quetta.