Transport Department


Provincial Transport Authority (PTA) and Regional Transport Authorities (RTAs) constituted under Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1965.

In the year, 1970. The Board of Revenue had managed the affairs of Transport sector till 2006.

In year 2006 Transport was separated from Board of Revenue and a new Department with the nomenclature of Provincial Transport Department was created.


Citizen-centric, Sustainable and Growth Oriented Integrated Transport System


Safe, Reliable, Affordable  and Efficient Transport for All


1.Provision of Decent Public Transport Services

2.Modernize Freight Transport

3.Provision of Facilities at Bus Terminals

4.Environment Protection by reducing Vehicle Emissions

A safe and secure transportation system is extremely important for Balochistan’s economic progress and improvement of quality of life. Transport Department has made its best efforts to improve road safety, increase public transport coverage provide quality service and reduce environmental pollution. Over the next five years, it will be ensured that our plans for the transport sector are integrated & sustainable and the transportation system is safe and reliable in facilitating trade and movement of people and goods in an efficient way.

I look forward to working closely with stakeholders from across the province to meet the commitments outlined in mandate of the Transport Department and to make strategic investments in transportation system to benefit the people of Balochistan province in the years to come.

     Malik Naeem Khan Bazai
Parliamentary Secretary  for Transport

The main focus of the department is to support the Government in economic and environmental objectives through an efficient transportation system that is competitive, safe, and accessible to people from all walks of life. The overall plans of the department focused on achieving an efficient, effective, and accessible transportation system. The department is committed to investing in transportation infrastructure and delivering high-quality public transport services for the citizens.

Muhammad Siddique Mandokhail 
Secretary Transport

Issues inter Provincial route permits for contract carriage & stage carriages.

Issues route permits for public carriage i.e. Truck , Trailer and Oil  Tanker etc.

Countersigns the route permits issued by the other Provincial Transport Authorities.

Classify / Administer Inter Provincial routes in collaboration with the other Provincial Transport Authorities.

Fixe ratio of route permits on inter-provincial routes in  collaboration with the other Provincial Transport Authorities according to the distance in the province concerned.

Fix fare rates for Stage Carriages i.e. Buses and Mini Buses with the recommendations of Provincial Transport Authorities within the Province.

Countersigns / Extends the operational area of permits to other regions of the Province issued by other Provincial Transport Authorities / Provincial Transport Authorities for public carriages.

Secretary PTD is the Appellate Authority under Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965 ( U/S 66) and (Rule 96) of Motor Vehicle Rules 1969

Transport Department has the following Attached Authority at Provincial Level   and subordinate Authorities/ offices at division   level i.e.  Regional Transport Authorities.

  •  Provincial Transport Authority  Balochistan (PTA)
  • Office of Regional Transport Authority Quetta Division.
  • Office of Regional Transport Authority Kalat at Khuzdar 
  • Office of Regional Transport Authority Sibi Division
  • Office of Regional Transport Authority Zhob at Loralai Division.
  • Office of Regional Transport Authority Rakshan at Kharan Division.
  • Office of Regional Transport Authority Mekran at Kech.
  • Office of Regional Transport Authority Nasirabad at D.M. Jamali.
  • Sub Office of RTA Mekran at  Gwadar.
  • Sub Office of RTA Kalat at Hub Chowki

Composition of PTA

1. Secretary, Provincial Transport Department, Government of Balochistan. Chairman.
2. Additional Secretary, Government of Balochistan, Law  Department. Member.
3. Additional Inspector General of Police, (Traffic), Quetta. Member.
4. Secretary, Provincial Transport Authority, Balochistan, Quetta. Member / Secretary

Composition of RTA

1. Commissioner of respective Division. Chairman.
2. Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) for Quetta.

In other Divisions, Superintendent of Police (SP). 

3. Representative of Communication & Works Department. Member.
4. Deputy Commissioners of  Districts  of the respective Division. Members.
5. Secretary, Regional Transport Authority  Member/ Secretary.


Issue/Renew route permits in respect of Buses, Trucks,Taxies,\Rickshaws,  and Pick Ups etc. within its Jurisdiction.

  • It regulates, operates, Bus Terminals and look after other related matters in consultation and recommendations of Board.
  • Act as Tribunal for compensation of death / injury cases in road accidents.
  • Administration of Motor Vehicles Examiners.
  • Inspection and certification of road worthy vehicles Budget, accounts and audit matters.
  • It is competent for requisitioning of civil transport. during emergency.

Abolishment of outdate Time Table System on all route of the province.

316 Tracker Devices has Successfully installed in Buses operating on Chaman-Quetta-Karachi

Commencement of International route from Quetta to Kandahar route. Eligible Transport Company has been short listed and all the documents of eligible transport Company has been sent to Ministry of Communication for issuance of  route permit.

Carried Several Raids by PTA and RTAs for the purpose of replacement of old deplorable model buses into new one.

Revision of fee and fare rates through Provincial Cabinet of Balochistan.

PTA Balochistan has issued 5297 route permits for Coaches/Buses, Mazda, Mini Buses, Doom, Taxis   and   39720 route permits for  Truck Trailers/Oil Tanker Trailers.

Under Grant of Route Permits Mandatory Provision Section 44 of Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1965, no transport vehicle shall be used or driven without a permit issued by the Provincial or District Regional Transport Authority.

Types of route permits

The types of route permits issued / granted are enlisted below:

Stage Carriage Permits (Buses, Wagons, etc. plying on intercity as well as on urban routes) Granted for one year | Renewable on expiry
Contract Carriage Permits ( Taxi and Rickshaw ) Granted for three years | Renewable on expiry
Public Private Carrier Permits (Goods Vehicles) i.e. Truck, Oil Tanker, Trailer Pickup etc. Granted for three years | Renewable on expiry

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Secretary Regional  Transport Authority Quetta

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Transport Department Block No.9  Balochistan Civil Secretariat  Zarghoon Road Quetta .

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