Mir Naseebullah Khan Marri

Mir Naseebullah Khan Marri


The Government of Balochistan views education as a mission that needs to be pursued on an emergency basis. It is central to the development agenda and the future of Balochistan.

Balochistan is fortunate enough to have a roadmap for improvement of education sector in the province in the shape of Balochistan Education Sector Plan (BESP: 2020-25), which is not only endorsed by the National Development Partners but also approved by the Government of Balochistan.

The Sector Plan addresses issues of learning, participation and reduction of gender gaps. These have been long-standing challenges in education for Balochistan. It has detailed implementation, reporting and monitoring mechanisms.
The Balochistan Education Sector Plan (2020-25) provides an opportunity to break the vicious cycle of low participation and low quality of education in the province. It will not be easy but the Government has the will and commitment to achieve it.

Moreover, every effort will be made to ensure that there is a coordinated effort from all the stakeholders. These include the School Education Department, Colleges, Higher & Technical Education Department, Social Welfare Department, Balochistan Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (B-TEVTA) and Health Department. The most critical symbiotic relationship is with the Department of Social Welfare.

As the Minister of Education I will personally oversee the implementation of BESP (2020-25) and coordination with all the stakeholders to achieve the desired results. I see it as imperative to the development of Balochistan and its future.

Mr. Abdul Rauf Baloch

Mr. Abdul Rauf Baloch


Education is key to economic, social and cultural development of any nation. In order to ensure access to education for all, the Government of Balochistan, School Education Department has developed its 2nd historic Balochistan Education Sector Plan (2020-25) with the support of Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and UNICEF.

The Plan has identified two (02) policy focus areas: Learning and Access & Participation. The Plan offers realistic strategies and contextually relevant activities for the improvement of these areas critical for ensuring access to inclusive and equitable quality education for all in Balochistan.

The challenge in front of us is the implementation of BESP (2020-25) in its true spirit. With support of development partners, we will make every effort to give the children of Balochistan their right to quality education and a bright future.




To promote and ensure quality education and its effective delivery for all without discrimination



To achieve quality education for all by provision of infrastructure, missing facilities, relevant curriculum & instructional material, trained teachers and standardized assessment through good governance

Details of Attached Departments / Organizations

  • Directorate of Education (Schools)

Address: Director of Education (Schools), Brewery Road, Quetta.

Director of Education (Schools): Mr. Abdul Wahid Shakir

Contact Number: (0332) 288 4473


  • Bureau of Curriculum & Extension Center, Quetta

Address: Bureau of Curriculum & Extension Center, Shawaksha Road, Quetta.

Director, BoC & EC, Quetta: Mr. Munir Ahmed Nodazai

Contact Number: (0333)2032024


  • Provincial Institute of Teachers Education

Address: Provincial Institute of Teachers Education (PITE), Sariab Road, Quetta.

Director PITE: Mr. Sher Ahmed

Contract Number: (0302) 384 9600

    1. Curriculum development, implementation of EFA, MDG, free and compulsory education
    2. Administration and regulation:
    • Early Childhood Education / Primary
    • Elementary
    • Secondary
    • Technical & Vocational / Education Research
    • Physical Education


    1. Education Policies and Planning


    1. Measures to eliminate drop-outs at Primary / Secondary / Elementary Colleges levels


    1. Grant of scholarship in consultation with Finance Department


    1. Promotion of literacy (male / female)


    1. Production and distribution of Educational and Scientific films


    1. Teacher Professional Development Pre-Service and In-Service
    2. Extra Curriculum activities in Educational Institutions


    • Development and Review of Text Book upto Higher Secondary level


    • All Service matters of the employees of the attached departments, which does not include employees of the Secretariat and except those matters entrusted to Services and General Administration Department or to any other Department.
PSDP (2022-23)
Sub-Sector  No. of Schemes Est. Cost Allocation
Primary 140 4141.017 1546.51
Middle 54 9892.108 2038.248
Secondary 150 13840.312 3741.012
General Education 3 1030 164.786
Total 347 28903.437 7490.556
Sub-Sector No. of Schemes Est. Cost Allocation
Primary 111 2179.23 1145.87
Middle 40 1407.42 586.13
Secondary 69 3533.84 1446.79
General Education 2 110 40
PPP Mode 3 300 150
Total 225 7530.49 3368.79
572 36433.927 10859.346