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In 2009, the Women Development Department was bifurcated from Social Welfare Department. However, its separate full- fledged directorate was established in 2011. Its mandate was designed with an objective of gender equality, equity and women empowerment in Balochistan

Mahjabeen Sheeran

Mahjabeen Sheeran

Parliamentary Secretary

Syed Sikandar Shah

Syed Sikandar Shah


Departmental Functions

  • Formulation of policies, schemes, plans and programs for socioeconomic development of women.
  • To organize trainings/seminars and workshops etc. for women.
  • To conduct surveys and explore links between indigenous craft producers and market-places, without a middleman.
  • To develop cottage-industry for employment of women at urban and rural areas.
  • To design umbrella projects for protection and shelter for women at district-level.
  • To register and provide assistance to women organizations as well as register women NGOs.
  • To create awareness regarding commitments to nationally and internationally recognized women’s rights.
  • To establish and keep data-base of all Civil Society Organizations working for women’s rights and gender-equality within the province at all levels.
  • To ensure positive interaction with all women-related organizations within the province at all levels.
  • To establish relief organizations for women in distress and victims of violence of all kinds.
  • Enforcement of the Protection against Harassment of women at the Workplace Act, 2010.
  • Elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against women.
  • All Service matters of the employees of the attached Departments, which do not include employees of the Secretariat and except those matters entrusted to Services and General Administration Department or to any other Department.
  • Communication Security Officer (CSO)
  • Protocol Wing


  • To work for social, cultural, economic and legal empowerment of women.
  • To work as a catalyst, lobbyist and influencer.
  • To implement National/International policies/commitments.
  • To deliver services.
Shazia Riaz

Shazia Riaz


Women Development Department