Chief Minister opens chromites Rs. 180 million processing Unit in Muslim Bagh

Jam Kamal Khan hails local population partnership in exploration and development of minerals

The Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has hailed the collaboration of the local population in process of the exploration and development of minerals of the province saying that it is welcoming to have the partnership of local people in the process especially the livelihood of thousands of people is linked with production of chromites,  coal and marble.

The government is committed to promote the economic activities through provision of modern facilities in the mineral production at the local level.

This was stated by the Chief Minister while speaking on occasion of the inauguration of chromites processing unit established by the Balochistan Development Authority costing Rs. 180 million in Muslim Bagh area of Killa Saifullah on Friday.

The provincial ministers, elders of the area and the people associated with the chromites industry were present on the occasion.

The Chairman BDA, Major (Retd) Akbar Lashari briefed the Chief Minister about the project. He said that the processing plant has the capacity to process 100 tons of chromites daily. It would also be a great facility to process the chromites at local level besides benefitting those associated with the mineral and promoting the economic activities in the area, he maintained.

The Chief Minister on the occasion directed to make it operational continuously by maintaining its services and taking well care of it.

He believed that the public private partnership would also be promoted with establishment of the processing plant.

He announced that similar projects would also be initiated in other areas of the province rich with the mineral reservoirs.

The elders of the area and chromites mine owners thanked the Chief Minister for launching the project in their area. They mentioned that the raw chromites used to dispatch to Karachi for processing earlier and they seldom get fair price of their production there. However, they expressed the hope that the chromites industry would be strengthened with establishment of the processing plant in Muslim Bagh.