International Day for persons with disabilities observed: Persons with disabilities are second to none in capabilities, says CM

Jam Kamal Khan says Social Protection Act to be tabled in provincial assembly for approval soon

The Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has stated that the persons with disabilities are an important of our society, who despite the hardships, are playing an effective and useful citizen, what they just need support, encouragement, patronage and the opportunities to move ahead.

He was speaking at the ceremony organized in connection with the International Day for persons with disabilities here at the Balochistan Boy Scouts Association’s headquarter on Tuesday. The social welfare department organized the programme in collaboration with various social welfare organizations.

The Provincial Ministers, advisors, members of the provincial assembly and representatives of civil society besides the large number of the disabled and special persons attended the ceremony.

The Chief Minister appreciated the organizers of the programme for organizing the wonderful programme involving the persons with disabilities.

He said that the basic objective behind observing the day is to create the sense at individual and collective level that we should play our role in bringing improvement in the society. He said that we also need to take steps for well being of the persons with disabilities so that they are also able to lead respectable life at their own.

He said that special persons need the love and attention of the normal persons in society.

The Chief Minister on the occasion highlighted the steps being taken by the government for well being of the disabled and special persons in the province.

He said that the disabled persons are second to none, what we need to encourage and support them.

He said that the present government is paying special attention on welfare of the disabled persons.

He said that the government has also made legislation for rights of the disabled and special persons. The social protection act would be tabled in the provincial assembly for approval soon.

He said that the quota of the disabled and special persons in the government jobs has been increased from two to five percent. He said that the government has also allocated special stipend for the disabled persons for the first time in history of the province.

Moreover, 10 percent quota of the disabled persons has also been allocated in the Balochistan Awami Fund in addition to the special package of Rs. 500 million for them.

He also said that we should specially promote the special children on priority basis.

He on the occasion regretfully pointed out that several sectors were vehemently ignored in the past with no attention was paid on their improvement and development.

He said that the backwardness of the province was not removed despite too much resources and spending in the past.

He said that now we have to decide as how to put the province on path of development. If we did not do something today, then we have to suffer tomorrow.