CM chairs meet to review related matters: New Tehsils, Districts and Divisions in Balochistan ultimately on the cards

Jam Kamal directs senior MBR to constitute Steering Committee to assess establishment of new Tehsils and districts all over province; meeting agree to create new districts in Quetta, Pishin, Killah Abdullah

The Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has directed to the senior Member Board of Revenue (MBR) to form a Steering Committee to review establishment of new Tehsils and districts all over the province as per the needs and that in view of the population, area and available facilities.

The Steering Committee would prepare a comprehensive database in collaboration with the Divisional Commissioner.

The directives to this effect were issued by the Chief Minister while chairing a high level meeting held to review the proposal of dividing Pishin, Killa Abdullah and Quetta districts in more districts as well as establishment of a separate Division following separation of Quetta Division.

The Commissioner Quetta Division briefed the meeting about implementation on the proposal in detail.

Those who were in attendance at the meeting were the Parliamentary Leader of Awami National Party (ANP), Asghar Khan Achakzai, Advisor to Chief Minister for Excise and Taxation, Malik Naeem Bazai, Parliamentary Secretary for QDA, Ms. Bushra Rind, members of the provincial assembly, Mobin Khan Khilji, Ms. Shaheena Kakar, Chief Secretary, Captain (Retd) Fazeel Asghar, senior Member Board of Revenue, Secretary Law and other concerned high ups.

The meeting was agreed to form new districts in Pishin and Killa Abdullah on the basis of their population and area. A committee was formed to take review of all the aspects for formation of new districts and submit its report to the government within 15 days.

The final approval for establishment of new districts would be accorded by holding meeting for review of report of the committee.

Moreover, the meeting was also agreed to establish more districts by dividing the Quetta district. In this regard, a committee was constituted comprising the members of provincial and national assemblies belonging to Quetta division as well as senior Member Board of Revenue, Additional Chief Secretary Planning and Development, Secretary Finance and Commissioner Quetta. The committee would review the related matters regarding division of Quetta Division.

The Chief Minister on the occasion was agreed to the summary submitted by the Board of Revenue for establishment of two more new Revenue Tehsils and two Sub-Divisions in Quetta district.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister regretfully pointed out that the issues were resolved for time being and unfortunately planning was never made in view of the requirements of future, which resulted in increase in the issues.

He said that the population load is mounting in the urban localities just because of the lack of facilities in the rural areas. This is also resulting in the lack of facilities in the urban areas, he added.

The Chief Minister said that we have to change the way of thinking and procedure to move ahead the province.

Surely establishment of authority and committees is not solution to the issues being confronted by us. We would not be in need of constituting committees, if the concerned departments function properly, adding he believed.

He was of the view that population of the areas would obviously increase where the trade centers would be established on the CPEC and border venues.

He said that our province would never remain a backward and poor province nor it is our fate. “Balochistan could be made wealthy, prosperous and developed province with correct planning and best use of the available resources, adding he believed.

Jam Kamal on the occasion said that with formation of new Tehsils, Districts and Divisions, there would be a marked improvement in financial and administrative affairs of the province. The people would also be able to have the education, health and civic facilities in their own respective areas, he concluded.

Each district of Balochistan as important for him as Lasbela: CM pledges to take initiatives to strengthen province financially, socially and politically

The Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has categorically stated that every district of the province is as important for him as his own native district (Lasbela) and as such he is not convinced of giving more priority to his district than other districts.

In a policy statement issued here on Wednesday, Jam Kamal Khan said that as the Chief Minister it is included in his duty to pay attention on the matters of the whole province.

He said that for the first time in the history of Balochistan a comprehensive policy has been adopted to resolve the issues being confronted by the province.

He said that the economic development, planning, monitoring and accountability is basic elements of the strategy he has adopted.

The Chief Minister also said that the improvements and changes that have been made in the province during last 16 months is a ground reality. As to how certain institutions were hollowed out in the past, the lands were embezzled, how the development projects were wasted under the faulty planning and what was the standard of works is anybody’s guess today, he asserted.

He said that if some people are pained they actually are those who had been indulged in the embezzlement of lands, inclusion of the projects in PSDP for personal gains, making transfers and postings, doing unfair acts through the office of Chief Minister and some other departments, playing with the ego of the people, political blackmailing, bothering the officers unjustifiably and similar other misdeeds in the past, but all these things are not happening any more, adding he regretfully pointed out.

Jam Kamal Khan also asserted that some are worried about the investigations of the CMIT, which is performing well for the first time.

He also said that the secretaries, commissioners, deputy commissioners, SPs and all other officers are working in a good environment and there is no fear or pressure on them.

The Chief Minister said that whether it is the legislation or better use of the development project, superior planning of the projects or timely implementation on them as well as it is the check and balance of the districts and institutions or the initiatives for bringing improvement in their overall functioning through their capacity building, the government is performing all these responsibilities well.

The things are on the right direction after the drawbacks of past 30 years, the Chief Minister maintained.

He also said that the drawbacks are not of such nature that is corrected overnight. Nevertheless, there is need to bring more improvement at the political and government level, he added.

Jam Kamal expressed the resolve to take every initiative that would strengthen the province economically, socially and politically without taking any pressure into consideration.