Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan has said that a comprehensive strategy is needed to deal effectively with the economic impact of Code-19. We need to protect our assets and resources as well as develop them so that the province’s own revenue He expressed these views while addressing a video link meeting on financial and development affairs of the province as well as preparation of budget for the next financial year. Briefed on relevant issues and development and non-development budget of the current financial year The meeting compared the expenditure of previous financial years and expressed satisfaction that the release of development funds from the beginning of this financial year, ie July, has reduced the burden of disbursement of funds in the last months of the financial year. The Chief Minister, while giving a guideline for the preparation of the budget for the next financial year, directed to increase the capacity of the revenue generating departments and to address the trend of releasing critical funds in May and June. Special projects for development of natural resources should be included in next year’s development program, said the Chief Minister. Preparing Ltd has further increased the importance of fiscal discipline to be consistent with the development of the sectors in funds issued only real needs in the last two months of this fiscal year and next fiscal budget to be in accordance with the priorities