UNICEF mission meets Jam Kamal Khan: Govt. fully serious to ensure provision of basic health facilities to people: CM


The Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has stated that the provincial government is fully sincere and serious to provide basic health facilities to people in the province so as to ensure formation of a healthy society.

He was talking to the head of UNICEF’s chief field office, who called on him here on Monday.

The UNICEF’s delegates apprised the Chief Minister about the ongoing tetanus awareness campaign being launched in collaboration with Fund in the province.

It was informed to the Chief Minister a full-fledged campaign for prevention of tetanus has been launched all over the province. During the campaign, the girls and women would be vaccinated against the tetanus disease so as to prevent them from it.

The Chief Minister appreciated the campaign and urged the people to take wholehearted part in the campaign against tetanus.

He said that it is good that the campaign is being run at the council level through the basic health centers at least for first time in the history.

He stressed that all the people particularly the girls from 15 years to 49 years age must be part of the campaign so as to save them from the harmful effects of the disease in future.

He said that health is a very serious issue and as such the government is seeing it very seriously on priority basis. He expressed best wishes for the tetanus awareness and vaccination campaign in the province.