Good mechanism must to run system:

Raise in capacity of provincial Depts. inevitable to improve overall performance: CM


Jam Kamal stresses time is ripe to utilize Balochistan’s resources for improving economic condition of province and country


The Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has stated that a good mechanism is always needed to make any system fully useful and increase in capacity of the departments is unavoidable to bring improvement in their overall performance.

This and similar views were expressed by the Chief Minister, Jam Kamal Khan while addressing participants of the National Security and War Course, currently on study tour of the province, here on Monday.

The Chief Instructor of the National Defense University War College, Major General Inayat Hussain led the delegation.

The Chief Minister spoke at length about the overall law and order situation of the province, the development projects, social situation and other related matters.

He said that the present government is working on certain reforms at the basic level in all provincial government departments besides bringing improvement in overall situation of the province.

He said that the communication system is also being made more effective besides providing basic necessities of life including water, education and health.

Responding to certain queries asked by the participants, Chief Minister said that several projects had been started in the past, but they are incomplete because of lack of funds.

However, the government has also planned such projects keeping the larger public interest in view. The government is determined to execute the projects well in time, he vowed.

Moreover, we have also allocated for funds for those departments, which otherwise were ignored in the past. The effective monitoring of all the development schemes is also being made in order to ensure transparency in them, the Chief Minister mentioned adding that certain fake schemes have also been excluded from the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP).

The Chief Minister said that platform of social media is also being used to resolve the issues as highlighted there.

Referring the reforms in levies force system, the Chief Minister said that provincial government is also pursuing the reforms agenda in levies.

He also pointed out towards the lack of infrastructure in various parts of the province saying that there are several areas which are deprived of the infrastructure.

He said that we are trying to fully benefit from the long coastal belt, minerals, agriculture and livestock sectors. This would surely strengthen the province’s economy, adding he believed.

The Chief Minister stressed that there is a dire need to put the system on modern lines and utilize the province’s resources for improving economic condition of the country and province.