National Security Workshop ends: Noticeable decline evident in challenges of law and order, maintains CM

Jam Kamal says process of service delivery being made more effective; believes transparency, accountability and monitoring basic elements for good governance

The Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has stated that there has been obvious reduction in the challenges of law and order otherwise being faced by the province.

The elements longing for creating instability in the province has met failure as the security forces and people of the province have wholeheartedly countered the anti state forces rendering immense sacrifices. This helped decrease pressure of the international players.

The lack of financial management as well as the imbalanced distribution of resources for development of the district has also been the major cause behind the sense of deprivation prevailed in the province.

This and similar views were expressed by the Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan while addressing the participants of National Security Workshop (NSW) here on Friday.

Also present on the occasion were Commander Southern Command, Lt. General Waseem Ashraf and General Officer Commanding (GOC) 41 Division.

The Chief Minister regretfully pointed out that only the districts got priority in the past governments whose public representatives had the influence in government affairs.

He said that transparency, accountability and monitoring are the basic elements for good governance and as such now the government would have to be responsible.

He said that the social media and technology has made the younger generation more effective and aware. He was of the strong view that the government’s can no more be run for personal desires and political gains, rather professionalism is needed for the purpose.

He stressed that we have to come out of the personal interests. W should not be afraid of the political hostility nor we withdraw the decisions made in the larger interests of public, he maintained.

The Chief Minister said that no commissioner has been posted on political grounds in all seven divisions of the province. Moreover, the secretaries of various government departments have also been made on merit and their eligibility, adding he mentioned.

He was also of the view that there is also a need to bring decentralization in addition to lessen the otherwise unlimited powers of the authority.

While we are having lot of problems, the system is under pressure and affected due to different types of affects, however, we are making the process of services delivery effective at the same time, he added.

He said that the investment is being made on the system, which was desperately needed.

He also pointed out that priorities were not set in the past even, as a result we are completing over 600 projects left incomplete by the previous governments.

The Chief Minister on the occasion also spoke at length about certain initiatives being taken for development of various sectors in the province besides ensuring governance as well as the challenges being faced by the government to overcome them.

He said that the future of Balochistan is very bright. Allah Almighty has blessed the province with numerous resources, we need to work hard and make better planning to exploit these resources, he stressed.

Jam Kamal also answered various questions put on in the question and answer session.

In the end, the Chief Minister distributed certificates among the participants of NSW.