Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan in s video massage urged to public to be preventive from corona virus, people need to ensure implementation the social distance .He retrieved that If the corona virus spread across the country, it would be impossible to control.

Chief Minister supported that there is nothing wrong in taking precautionary measures and avoiding political and social gatherings. He said that the government and philanthropists are helping the people affected by the lockdown. Jam Kamal endorsed that he is hopeful that people will work with patience and perseverance.

Cautioning the public Chief Minister said that, Coronavirus has killed thousands in many countries, including the United States, Spain and Italy.

And still many people herein are still questioning the existence of this epidemic and not taking it seriously. Along with many people have realized the seriousness of the disease and have acted on social distances that is a good omen.

He also said that we all have political, social constraints due to which we communicate with people.

He We need to take this issue seriously. People in remote areas shall be given awareness Social distancing is the only possible way that can dealt out this epidemic.

Adding more he said that If we take precautionary measures, there will be no harm in it. That are also in the teachings of religions to follow weariness if indulged in difficult times.

He overwhelmed that Unemployment is definitely a big problem for which the government, institutions and philanthropists are working together. We live in a society where people help each other. If we don’t do business or work for a few days, we should not say that someone will starve. People are helping each other, but if the epidemic spreads and the rush to hospitals increases and the death toll rises, neither the government nor anyone else will be able to fight it.

Chief Minister said that many people, including me, can live and survive in this disease, but there are many families with a large number of people, it will be very difficult for them to live in the disease. We all have a responsibility to take precautions during the month of Ramadan and I am hopeful that people can save each other’s lives by working patiently.

He also cautioned that The Corona virus crises will have a huge economic impact in the future. We have to be mentally prepared for it.