Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan visited the Provincial Command and Operations Center established after the wake of Corona Virus. This is the second visit of Chief Minister after its establishment.

The Chief Minister was briefed by Imran Gichki, in-charge of the center, and informed that the Provincial Command and Operations Center is utilizing all measures befitted by the guidelines of the Chief Minister.

Gichki briefed that the services of experts and academics from different fields he said that effects of coronavirus spread on different areas are being analyzed while the trend of virus spread in the center is also being assessed on daily basis.

The Chief Minister said that the Command and Operations Center would be set up on a permanent basis even after the Corna virus. Adding more Chief Minister said that such think tanks will be set up which will be responsible for providing strategies , along with setting guidelines to deal with emergencies and epidemics.

Elaborated more Chief Minister said that such think tanks will be setup for provision of guidance to the provincial government on other important sectors including economic matters in an integrated mechanism and close liaising approach .

He said that in the past neither the working environment was provided in the institutions nor the capabilities of the officers were utilized but it was the responsibility of the political leadership to hire experts in every field as per the requirements of the province. Jam Kamal said that the Command and Operations Center would be further expanded to suit the needs of the future.

Adding more Chief minister said that the concept of Smart Lockdown and Smart Random Corona Virus Testing has been put into practice to promote research and creative activities. Moreover urged that Command center should present its recommendations to cope with practical steps, along with effects of Corna virus on human health, economy and law & order were being compounded and a comprehensive strategy based on expert thinking was needed to deal with them.

On the occasion, Director ORIC Dr. Waheed Noor briefed The Chief Minister on contemporary Corona virus and elaborated about the preliminary research to be done in the future on various sectors including human health and economy. The Chief Minister was also informed that the mobile application of the Center was also inaugurated. Parliamentary Health Secretary Dr. Rababa Buledi, Focal Person Mir Umair Mohdhasni and Health Secretary Dostin Jamaldini were also present on the occasion.