Calls for social distancing to avoid Corona: Public should not take Corona virus situation so light in any way, appeals Chief Minister

Jam Kamal Khan says we have observed partial lock down as precautionary step; directs to local administration to seal showrooms of vehicles and rush places; visits RDA quarantine center, PDMA Control Room, Prefab residential facility; says provincial government did its best to facilitate zayreen in  Taftan


The Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has stated that we did our best to facilitate the zayreen returning from Iran to Pakistan via Taftan, though we got a very little time to make arrangements for them.

He said that the provincial government made the arrangements mobilizing all its available resources.

The Chief Minister was talking to the media persons in the Chief Minister’s secretariat on Saturday. Later, he also issued a video message for the general public urging the people to adopt necessary precautionary measures for prevention of Corona virus in the province.

He appealed to the general public to adopt the safety measures. He stressed that the people should make every possible effort to save them from the virus.

The Chief Minister said that the major care of the virus is social distancing, so people should do it preferably.

He said that unfortunately the people are taking the situation easy, but they should not take it so light at all. The examples of Italy, Spain and USA are before us, as they did not care it in start, so are facing very big emergent situation now, he pointed out.

Earlier, in his media talk, he said that he want to make one thing clear to the viewers and media that Taftan is a remote area where backwardness prevails.

He said that all the arrangements were made in Taftan from Quetta and Karachi while we got a little time to do so.

He said that we made arrangements for medical facilitation and food for the zayreen returning from Iran to Pakistan. Rather more steps are being taken , he maintained. While we are making necessary arrangements at Taftan border, we are also doing the same thing at the Chaman border, he informed.

He said that it is challenge for each and every province to cope with the Corona virus. He urged the general public to remain at their homes at least for 10 days and adopt precautionary measures against the virus.

“We have to live and act as a responsible nation and take well care of us”, adding he stressed.

He on the occasion appreciated the spirit of transporters who brought zayreen to Sukkur and Dera Ghazi Khan.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister visited the quarantine center established in the Rural Development Academy and reviewed the facilities made available there.

The concerned authorities briefed the Chief Minister about the situation of quarantine center.

It was informed that 27 zayreen have been kept in the quarantine center. However, those who have been quarantined were tested negative for Corona.

The Chief Minister directed to the authorities to allow the zayreen, who have been tested negative, to leave for their homes immediately.

He, however, asked them to stay at least 14 more days in their homes separately.

Meanwhile, he also visited the PDMA control room and prefab residential facilities. It was also briefed to the Chief Minister that the necessary accommodation facilities have been provided with the bathing facility there.

He asked to the concerned that the residential containers should be shifted to the quarantine center of Mian Ghundi and allocate the same for the zayreen and medical staff.

Moreover, the Chief Minister directed to the district administration to seal the show rooms and rush places in the metropolis.